15 Minute Total Body Workout

With the year beginning at full force I've noticed my time has been flying by but i'm trying to remain focused on working (I need to tone up after overindulging this December,darn it) , so what better way to keep onto ones fitness goals than finding a quick 15 minute workout that targets all areas .. I LOVE THIS video all one needs is dumbbells by now you have noticed I search for videos that require less equipment as well as less time because lets face it , majority of us don't have unlimited equipment at home and unlimited free time.

Hope you enjoy the video courtesy of one of my favorite fitness magazines Women's Health.


                                           p.s. what is your fitness goals for 2013???


  1. I am totally on the same boat, I have been hitting the gym almost everyday since the new year, but it's so hard when you are time crunched. Another video I like is the Jillian Harris Shred in 30 days, it's a 20 minute workout and it workout every part of your body.

    - Vee

  2. Hi honey,thats so true , its so hard with time constraint to get fit as a fiddle.. I have to get my hands on the video you suggested .


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