And just like that we back!

So lets talk about how long its been, I honestly thought I might never return to this little space of mine and what has surprised me a ton is I was viewing my analytics and was kind of shook to see how many people still pop by to see if there is any new content and for the lack of content  I truly am sorry and more importantly thank you for showing the love even after such a long hiatus. 

I guess the more pressing question will be why have I returned ? where the heck have I been? I know a few loyal readers do follow on instagram where I'm more into stories but something that really got me thinking hmmmmm (insert the hand on chin emoji) maybe I do still have something of value to share here and even with such a long hiatus at least a few times a week I get some sweet collaboration offers all of which I have declined based on the fact that I felt can I still call myself a blogger or dare I say it"influencer" this word makes me cringe a bit. 

Plus there is such a burning desire to find out what this new chapter will look like, fellow bloggers can relate to this you go back into the archives and like you just more evolved or there is moments you are like gees I forgot how much I enjoyed this hobby there is a lot of memories that is captured in this beautiful blog world.

So with all that said , I look very forward to creating more content for you and me and thank you very much for visiting the blog today.


  1. Welcome back Meg - I can't wait to keep reading! x

  2. Welcome back to your blog! :) I've taken a few breaks from social media but I've always loved my blog - something I see myself having for years and years, you can really do whatever you like on a blog! :)

    Hope you are having a great weekend :)

    Away From The Blue


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