Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

There is just something amazing about capturing something on a camera , the ability to remember moments in life clearer than ever before , so here are some pictures I feel are worthy of a share. Hope you enjoy this visual post.

Mila the naughtiest and sweetest lil puppy

 freshly baked goodies

The taste of caperberries... to die for ,yum

The beautiful jozi sky

I love the fact that I live in a city but feel like I stay in a forest

workout attire

Looks like rain = i'm going to sleep like a baby

I love this dirt road, so pretty

Hope the week has started well for you and just a quick question what is your favorite form of art? music , painting, poetry, dance, fashion?

x x x


  1. I love all these images! My favorite would have to be the sky before the rain!

    my favorite type of art would have to be interior design because it combines lots of elements!


  2. Thank you for the lovely comment, interior design is a beautiful form of art,you so right.


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