10 LESSONS I've learnt raising Matteo

10 lessons my 3 year old has taught me.

I swear raising a kid is one of those , every single day there will be a new life lesson, kind of moments.

Raising a 2 year old I thought oh here Comes the terrible twos. Lucky me I only experienced it for a week before his birthday in Portugal. Three, now that has been one hell of a ride and I am only 1 month in, lets just say the key to three is patience. Lots and lots of patience. I have first handedly witnessed him take 3 episodes of Blippi to finish one bowl of corn flakes and when I checked the bowl he had only consumed the milk. If we were chatting on whatsapp right now Id be inserting the women emoji with her wtf hands followed by face palm emoji. 

But with that said I have learnt a few things in general so I decided to share it here for mom to be's, mommas and well anyone else ;)
  1.  Just because your kid sleeps late doesn't mean they will sleep in.
  2.  Trying to keep a straight face while your kid is doing something naughty yet hilarious is one of the hardest things. I mean I love a good laugh.
  3.  Kids enjoy flavorful food. Like Matteo is so fussy. He wants coriander, garlic salt the whole toot.
  4.  You can have so much fun doing anything when a song is involved.
  5.  Four words. Organizational skills is life.
    10 awesome life lessons my 3 year old toddler taught me
  6.  Have two different shoe piles. Outdoor shoes and going out shoes. I don't mean for you mama. I mean for your kid. The amount of amazing shoes that have been ruined by bike rides and climbing trees etc. which is why I now have 2 very different shoe selections. His happy because I'm more chilled and I'm happy because I'm more chilled too.
  7.  Not everything your kid does is an act of disobedience. Its totally okay to laugh at some of their silliness. Doesn't make you a push over, weak or a doormat. Kids are so cute and hilarious.
  8. As a mother, my job is to take care of what is possible and trust God with the impossible. _ Ruth Bell Graham
  9. If you make an effort you are a good mom, period. 
  10. Dads who make an effort are not helping you out, they are being good dads, period.
I'd love to hear some of your parenting lessons too, drop those pearls of wisdom in the comments below.
Till next time...


  1. My sister, her husband and and their 7-months old baby boy is living with us because it literally just me and my dad. So everyday when my bro-in-law go to work, I'll be like a second mom to my nephew. I learn everything on how to be a mother because I want to help my sister.

    These are great lessons to keep in mind so thank you for this post. I will definitely show this post to my sister and see if she can relate and practice some of it.

  2. The way you started your post is so true - there is a lesson to be learned every single day! I'm going to have a hard time keeping a straight face when my daughter does something wrong but it's funny!

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