Maternity pictures and little chit chat

Its been a while, I feel like for the last year I have been saying that very frequently at the start of every post. I apologize for that...

After giving birth I at first had this insane sense of urgency... get fit, blog, get "normal" again. But in all honesty it was merely the most impossible thing to me, huge applause to the moms who bounce right back but that was NOT me. My little Matteo was feeding every one and a half hours, I was barely sleeping and I have been basically running on reserve for 6 months. Its been crazy. So I made the executive decision regarding my life, no blogging until he is eating semi solids and I can sleep train him. I will be brutally honest, I felt like I failed myself. You need to understand  I have worked on my blog for years, there has been many many late nights invested into this site of mine and I had many goals that had a sell by date. Not to mention I wanted to be that instant fit new mom but I seriously just couldn't do it. 

I swear more often than not I was new mom stalking. Comparing us on the most tiniest details ...oh she left the house, oh my gosh how did she snap back so freaking fast, oh my soul is she really the queen of multi tasking, it was endless and exhausting. Then I had this major epiphany after getting a instagram dm from another new mom wondering how on earth I found the time to still be active on social media. It was then that I realized we all just post our triumphs, our highlights and the real stuff happens to ALL of us behind the scenes. I started easing up on myself and really started to live in my new mom moments. 

You sometimes just need to have a serious talk to yourself. "Listen woman you are human, you just brought a whole new human into this world... chill the f out."

Anyway 6 months later, my baby is eating semi solids, I officially start sleep training him today and I feel ready to dive back in.

I decided to start back om the blog bus by sharing some of my favorite pregnancy pics which was taken by my friend Helen. Every time I look back at these pictures I smile because I can vividly remember how huge I felt. How the time was drawing closer and I was starting to feel very freaked the f out. The idea that soon I would be bringing home a little human was consuming my every thought. Today I feel like the luckiest person in the world.


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