Why my gratitude list is my sanctuary and why you need your own...

how to simply create a gratitude list | Meghan Silva & @meghanssilva
No one is ever positive 24/7, its human nature to find yourself chilling in your sorrows. I've been there, done that, worn and owned that T-shirt.This is where my gratitude list has come in very handy. Not only does it force me to acknowledge my blessings. It gives me the pick me up I need. Realizing each day I have 10 things that is amazing in my life is a real kick up the ass to not be a Debbie downer.
Its such a simple life habit. Yet it makes all the difference. 

The best part is it doesn't have to be some huge fancy list. The daily blessings are just as important as the huge accomplishments. There is nothing too small to consider when it comes to being thankful.
This is actually the beginning phase of the law of attraction and manifesting ones dreams... But that's a post for another day.
How the gratitude list impacts my day to day life| Meghan Silva & @Meghanssilva

So how do you go about starting your own gratitude journal?

  1. Get a journal or any book of choice, it can be any size that you can comfortably carry in your bag.
  2. Start with the basics. Be thankful for the bed you sleep on, your food and so forth.
  3. Read your days list a few times a day. If you find yourself going into Debbie downer mode pull out your gratitude list. It will make you smile.

The first step to manifesting all your dreams is the gratitude list. 3 easy steps will get you on your way @meghanssilva

There you have it, its so simple yet will literally change your life.
Till the next post 


Maternity pictures and little chit chat

Its been a while, I feel like for the last year I have been saying that very frequently at the start of every post. I apologize for that...

After giving birth I at first had this insane sense of urgency... get fit, blog, get "normal" again. But in all honesty it was merely the most impossible thing to me, huge applause to the moms who bounce right back but that was NOT me. My little Matteo was feeding every one and a half hours, I was barely sleeping and I have been basically running on reserve for 6 months. Its been crazy. So I made the executive decision regarding my life, no blogging until he is eating semi solids and I can sleep train him. I will be brutally honest, I felt like I failed myself. You need to understand  I have worked on my blog for years, there has been many many late nights invested into this site of mine and I had many goals that had a sell by date. Not to mention I wanted to be that instant fit new mom but I seriously just couldn't do it. 

I swear more often than not I was new mom stalking. Comparing us on the most tiniest details ...oh she left the house, oh my gosh how did she snap back so freaking fast, oh my soul is she really the queen of multi tasking, it was endless and exhausting. Then I had this major epiphany after getting a instagram dm from another new mom wondering how on earth I found the time to still be active on social media. It was then that I realized we all just post our triumphs, our highlights and the real stuff happens to ALL of us behind the scenes. I started easing up on myself and really started to live in my new mom moments. 

You sometimes just need to have a serious talk to yourself. "Listen woman you are human, you just brought a whole new human into this world... chill the f out."

Anyway 6 months later, my baby is eating semi solids, I officially start sleep training him today and I feel ready to dive back in.

I decided to start back om the blog bus by sharing some of my favorite pregnancy pics which was taken by my friend Helen. Every time I look back at these pictures I smile because I can vividly remember how huge I felt. How the time was drawing closer and I was starting to feel very freaked the f out. The idea that soon I would be bringing home a little human was consuming my every thought. Today I feel like the luckiest person in the world.

Lets talk winter fitness,preggo friendly workouts and more!!!

Can we be real for a second?
We all know there is summer fitness, where you are at the gym at 5-am, eating salads, your favourite sweet is fruit, and life is a full-on health and wellness advertisement. Then we have the daunting winter fitness, where every single move you make is a struggle. It doesn't have to be though, which is why I teamed up with  Dialdirect, one of the life insurance companies, to talk about sticking to a fitness routine during winter.
You know by now that I am full on preggo-huge belly and heavy breathing preggo. And, if I can keep moving during the winter season, so can you. It's so crazy how responsible you become the minute you find out you’re expecting. You start stressing about things like insurance and keeping fit. It doesn't have to be a tedious task though. Today I will be sharing my favourite pregnancy at-home workout, three of my "I ain't pregnant; I need a harder workout" at-home workouts, and my top tips for feeling energized during winter, because we all know summer bodies are made in winter.

So working out while pregnant doesn't (in my very humble opinion) offer tons of options; everything is modified and easier which is great for those exhausting days. Your body is going through plenty of changes, so take it easy. However, sometimes you just want something challenging and this is why 10 Minute Solution is amazing. It is challenging; it covers everything--booty, abs, arms and flexibility. I have tried many workouts and this is my absolute favourite.

Now for my non-preggos, you lucky fineapples, you have a ton of choices. Let me introduce you to some YouTube videos that I am obsessed with; I seriously cannot wait to give these a go post pregnancy. These tighten and tone all the right places and leave you feeling extra sore the next day--hello gym swag. These workouts are by my favourite duo, Karena & Katrina, and their workouts are hard but so much fun.

On the real though, other than Zumba, no other workout is more fun than TIU workouts!

From top to bottom: Total body, HIIT & Booty
Now for those curious on why I have chosen all these indoor workouts, it’s simple:
If you can roll out of bed and not even brush your hair, get an amazing workout in and still be warm and comfy,would you complain about working out? Nope, you will easily just get in that much needed 30 minutes of activity your body craves and needs.

But let’s not only talk about indoor activity; getting out and about in our gorgeous winter sun is a must in my life. I just cannot sit indoors all the time. We have the most amazing nature and winters here in South Africa,--take advantage of it. My favourite outdoor winter activity is taking my three dogs on walks. These days they’re pulling me up the hill, but it’s still a great way to stay active.
For my shopping addicts: get to your nearest mall and try not to sit down for 30 minutes; just keep moving and browsing, and you will be pleasantly surprised at how many steps you take in that 30 minutes. The goal is around 10,000 steps.
The bottom line is just keep moving.
When it comes to dieting I must confess that I have had my cheat meals far too often but, in all fairness, if you can’t cheat a bit during pregnancy then I don't know when you ever can. This is just a time in my life when I'm craving the bad stuff more often. The perk of it being winter though is those delicious vegetable-filled soups. Nothing beats a good soup in the colder months, right?

Hmmm now I'm kind of craving a good butternut soup.

Let me know what your favourite soup of all time is in the comments below, and also do tell how you’re keeping up with your fitness regime this winter.

Advice for my sixteen year old self

lets talk boobs ,boys, high school, being different, friendships and more.

Hey young Megs, 

I know you seriously can't wait to be done with school at this point, you just want to work and travel already. There's a burning desire to escape your current reality and you wondering what colour to dye your hair next. You also wondering if you should start having a boyfriend behind your dads back or if you will ever have really big boobs. 

Is Christina Aguilera's hair is your spirit animal or will it be a disaster like when you dyed your hair red to fit in with the cool kids?. 

You wondering if your friends will still be your friends 10 years from now and already fantasizing about what being on your own will be like. There's no doubt you will be a super famous something, not quite sure what yet but you will change the world. You also feeling crazy shit right now, you don't quite fit in anywhere and life is just not as easy anymore. 

I have some interesting things for you to consider, some will blow your mind ;)

31 year old Meghan

10 random tips and lessons for my younger self:

The best skin care tip ever!!!

How I used activated charcoal to banish a facial rash in 6 hours. It went from red, painful, blemished to calm and beautiful skin. Plus several other uses for activated charcoal. Bloating, teeth whitening, cholesterol,blackhead and more.

Let me set the scene for you.

Its two days before a beauty event and I wake up to the angriest, feistiest rash on my chin. Like red, sore feisty. I literally tried everything in my box of tricks that comes to mind for calming skin down and nothing seemed to work.

Let's call this chin rash Debbie aka Debbie downer. Debbie was mad you guys, like just got fired from her dream job for something she didn't do mad. Usually I turn to Bentonite clay for my skin emergencies when all else fails. I basically had a big goop of clayish green on my chin for 24 hours. Debbie was still there and the b-clay seemed to just infuriate her more.

How I used activated charcoal to banish a facial rash in 6 hours. It went from red, painful, blemished to calm and beautiful skin. Plus several other uses for activated charcoal. Bloating, teeth whitening, cholesterol,blackhead and more.

The thought of Mother hood has fueled my goal hunting

How I went from content to goal driven. We live in a time where we can create a career out of any passion. Monday Motivation!

The idea that life gets real once you find that positive sign on your pregnancy test is real. Some people are easy going and others are natural go getter's from birth.

I have always been somewhere in the middle. Hard working and risk taking at times but also very comfortable and content. But the minute I found out I was pregnant my train of thought and determination went full mode "lets make shit happen".

I know moms who pre-pregnancy had 9-5 pm jobs and were just coasting by but are now business owners and goal driven. That's motherhood for you, its a crazy combo of love, protectiveness and determination. You got a legacy now, you got someone to be a role model to.

My list of goals have somewhat gotten smaller, but the goals have become gigantic. Does that make sense?

Trust me when I say this, once you have your eye set on a specific goal nothing can stop you. We also live in an amazing time where people are creating their dream lives from ways that didn't exist before. If you passionate about it you can create a career around it. 

There is no stopping you.

If you a mom or pregnant did your passion for success get ignited ? I'd love to know.

Hold up its been a minute!

Pregnant back in South Africa and back to blogging.

Hiiiii you fierce fineapples!!!

Gees its been quite some time and there has been so much change in my life. I'm sure tons have changed in your life too. 

That's the crazy part of life it really moves along at such a fast pace, right?. So let's start with the juiciest news in my little life... I'm expecting,  like a baby, like the real deal not a food baby but a baby baby!!! In all honesty my brain is still catching up with my growing belly. I go from being totally caught up in new mom reads to the total opposite where I wanna do an insane heart pumping workout till I wanna puke (obviously I don't manage to ever do that). This will be a very exciting new chapter in my life and I cannot wait to meet the little peanut. In upcoming posts I will be telling you more about my pregnancy experience, for now this is a quick snippet of whats new with me. 

I have also been in Uganda for most of 2016 but now I'm back in my gorgeous country, trust me when I say this when you craving mainly South African cuisine and easily found treats being home is like winning the lotto. Like literally thee lotto people! I have also been more social on Insta and Snapchat, I love snapchat !!! follow along username is  MeghanSSilva1. 

This is just a quick catchup for now, your turn... what's new? Be sure to leave links to your latest posts. I'm dying to get back into the blog community. I seriously missed you!!


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