10 LESSONS I've learnt raising Matteo

10 lessons my 3 year old has taught me.

I swear raising a kid is one of those , every single day there will be a new life lesson, kind of moments.

Raising a 2 year old I thought oh here Comes the terrible twos. Lucky me I only experienced it for a week before his birthday in Portugal. Three, now that has been one hell of a ride and I am only 1 month in, lets just say the key to three is patience. Lots and lots of patience. I have first handedly witnessed him take 3 episodes of Blippi to finish one bowl of corn flakes and when I checked the bowl he had only consumed the milk. If we were chatting on whatsapp right now Id be inserting the women emoji with her wtf hands followed by face palm emoji. 

But with that said I have learnt a few things in general so I decided to share it here for mom to be's, mommas and well anyone else ;)

Re-igniting this passion project

My goodness, hello blog world.

Not only has it been ages but also a crazy hard decision to make regarding this little space of mine. My life is so different now so I myself am curious to see the evolution of content. I don't want to fit into the mom blog box, I feel I'd need a variety of topics to keep the creative juices flowing. So here we are, cleanish slate, different me perhaps even discovering the old me along the way.

Let the blogging begin

Happy New year 🥂

Hi everyone, happy New year hope the year has started off perfect for you.

So officially my 2019 starts 1st of February. January was totally a trial month  and holiday month for me, spent majority of it in Portugal just having some R&R.

Child pose for soothing anxiety

I have been a long time anxiety sufferer. Anyone who has ever had anxiety or panic attacks know it feels like you about to die. Like not in a dramatic way, I mean it actually feels like you are suffocating to death. This is just a simple thing I do when I notice a panic attack approaching, its so soothing and pretty much always works. The simple yoga pose called child pose. The way I find it helps is starting with the basic child pose, cradling over your knees and slowly stretching forward. I find it opens my lungs and encourages me to breath deeply. Which is the main struggle for me when a panic attack arises.

I hope this short and sweet tip can help someone who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks. Because I know just how badly it sucks.

How to keep costs down with small changes that can change your finances completely!

Sometimes we think with our hearts and not with our heads. Making New Year’s resolutions can often be disastrous, with 80% of people failing by February or not even putting it in motion at all and regretting it instantly. I have been there, done that on several occasions. One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to cut down on spending, and although this sounds achievable, if you don’t have a fully-pledged strategy in place, the likeliness of failure spirals out of control. When I spoke about simplifying my life finances was a huge factor too. The unnecessary expenditures had to come to a halt. But it already seemed so daunting but there are several small changes you can make that can create a lot more financial freedom.

I understand that people can be victim to an unexpected expense — whether this is a home appliance breaking , a sudden death, urgent travels, making that third trip on a bus with only a return ticket. It all adds up. For that reason, I’ve made some assessments on how those extra savings can come in handy if something like that was to occur. This is such an important post and I hope you enjoy finding some solutions to some financial hurdles. So to make it easier I will be breaking it down into groups for you. 

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