Hold up its been a minute!

Pregnant back in South Africa and back to blogging.

Hiiiii you fierce fineapples!!!

Gees its been quite some time and there has been so much change in my life. I'm sure tons have changed in your life too. 

That's the crazy part of life it really moves along at such a fast pace, right?. So let's start with the juiciest news in my little life... I'm expecting,  like a baby, like the real deal not a food baby but a baby baby!!! In all honesty my brain is still catching up with my growing belly. I go from being totally caught up in new mom reads to the total opposite where I wanna do an insane heart pumping workout till I wanna puke (obviously I don't manage to ever do that). This will be a very exciting new chapter in my life and I cannot wait to meet the little peanut. In upcoming posts I will be telling you more about my pregnancy experience, for now this is a quick snippet of whats new with me. 

I have also been in Uganda for most of 2016 but now I'm back in my gorgeous country, trust me when I say this when you craving mainly South African cuisine and easily found treats being home is like winning the lotto. Like literally thee lotto people! I have also been more social on Insta and Snapchat, I love snapchat !!! follow along username is  MeghanSSilva1. 

This is just a quick catchup for now, your turn... what's new? Be sure to leave links to your latest posts. I'm dying to get back into the blog community. I seriously missed you!!



Midweek reading : At home workouts baby!

I'm kind of in a theme mood these days, so this weeks midweek readings theme is fitness. Some of my favorite at home workouts to be specific.

  • Investing in a resistance band is a great idea love this full body workout using one. (skinnymom.com)
  • Love a good morning workout, I do because once the morning is over I find myself unmotivated to workout....here's a 7 day morning workout challenge you might like. (skinnyms.com)
  • Into kettlebell workouts? find your 20 minute at home workout here. (pumpsandiron.com)
  • No workout is complete without a good stretch... this is a great static stretching exercise. (spotebi.com)

Which one are you keen on doing?

My holistic approach to kicking anxieties ass!

Hi my name is Meghan and it's been 1 month since my last panic attack!

These words are so joyful to me, I have severely suffered from anxiety since 2010 . I was on pills, I went to therapy, I tried so much and still couldn't cope. Living a numb life was not for me either I thrived to feel in control! When actually thinking about it I knew I had to share these tips with you guys because I know how disturbing anxiety it can be. 

These are things that assisted me but please note anxiety is different from one person to the next so do ask your doctor and see if these methods will assist you. My approach has become more holistic over the last few months and that's what has seemed to help me.

Just for a quick background on me I suffer from PTSD and social anxiety even walking in a mall would get me feeling light headed. Over the years the symptoms got worse and even attending small gatherings were daunting. Its been a nightmare really. Thankfully for the first time in ages I haven't had the numbing panic attacks, only slight heart racing but these tips usually get me grounded in a few short minutes.

Midweek reading: foodies this one is for you!

This week its allllll about the food posts I am dying to try my hand at.. don't these just have your mouth watering. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I find myself Pinning recipes these days. Food is filling up majority of my thought... can someone say oink oink!

Sorry for leaving you salivating ;)

Read this when you over being single

Among my friends I seem to be the "how can I meet someone" expert. It's kind of flattering to be honest. I will admit I'm not one to live a lonely life for long after any breakup and my advice does assist in building your new brand. Because the best part of breakups is you leave knowing more about who you are. Most of the time it's about the fear that there isn't much out there, like you basically in a drought or single desert that keeps you single. That is so far from the truth. 

Understand this if someone as amazeballs as you found yourself single, there must be even more amazing people in the same boat. By the way my advice works for my fellow introverts too because I am an introvert and I refuse to apologize for it. If you a Kourtney I got you covered babe ;) 

If you curious about my seriously sage advice here are my 5 top tips:


This week I had to share a few of my absolute favorite instagram accounts. If you like me you check instagram pretty often and that means you have to follow some fun accounts. Hope you enjoy my recommendations and if you would be so kind, please follow me. You can find my instagram in my sidebar .

Happy Friday

The best oat flour white sauce

Eating clean is something that takes time week 1 you majorly amped but just before the 21 day mark you close to calling quits. 

While yes I don't take things totally off my list I do try to find a healthier alternative and that helps. I never like being deprived from anything. I'm a Taurus, comfort, luxury and indulgence is my DNA. So my question to myself was how on earth can I enjoy the comfort of pasta smothered in white sauce....

While making my own oat flour for my pancakes it dawned on me lets just see what will actually happen if I treat it as a bechamel sauce, oat flour a dollop of butter and coconut milk. 

The end result was amazing.

As you an see I didn't title this post as a bechamel sauce because it's not and I add spices, garlic and honey. It's my perfect combination for my taste. However you can forgo all the extras and season however you like the base of the sauce is there for you to add your personal touch.

White sauce:

  • 1/2 cup milk of choice, dairy free or not . 
  • 1/4 cup oat flour 
  • Tiny knob of butter. 
  • Black pepper
  • Salt

Optional ingredients :

  • Nutmeg
  • Cayenne pepper (tiny bit goes a long way) 
  • Garlic
  • Cheese
  • Cinnamon 
  • Dried basil 

As you can see be creative and find what works for you as far as seasoning goes. 

Method :

  1. Add nob of butter to pan and let it melt 
  2. Once melted add your oat flour and combine 
  3. Add Milk 
  4. The consistency should be gravy like if it's not add more milk to thin it or oat flour to thicken it. 
  5. Season as desired.

The idea behind this is to create something healthier so you never feel deprived like ever. Add this sauce over chicken, steak or as I enjoy it over whole wheat pasta. 

Let me know if you will be giving this a try... id love to know.

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