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October 20, 2014

What makes you happy?

When I first started my blog I wrote a weekly post where I shared things I am grateful for, things that I loved. I really want to get back to starting my week by acknowledging the things I really sincerely appreciate in my life or just general things I love. I feel it makes such a huge difference in ones life.

October 08, 2014

Journal | My 1 day juice fast experience

I have been reading all about juice fasting lately and even though I love juicing I have never survived on it all day. One thing I noticed I always have these insane cravings, so I needed a way to reboot my system even just a tiny bit. Those cravings are seriously death to ones diet. Then I found out one day juice fasting can help. Hence the adventure, I decided to journal my actual one day experience. Perhaps you interested in trying it out.

October 07, 2014

Read my 5 valuable lessons on long distance relationships!

If you read my insta-recap post, you would've noticed I am now in a long distance relationship. I am often against long distance anything, but Bart had a sudden immediate/ urgent trip which turned into a "I am not returning to South Africa". But instead of us ending things he had convinced me to try the long distance thing. LDR is for some people and for people like me who need affection and to feel like you still in a relationship, not so much. If you an affection loving person like me and thinking of having a long distance romance I hope my lessons can keep the spark alive or better yet read it together with your partner ;).

This is one great LDR site to check out... I wish you all the best if you embarking on this journey and I hope my experience can eliminate future stress for you two love birds. The greatest lesson is asking questions and coming up with a great game plan, how will be in contact, for how long, build trust prior to leaving. That is the key to keeping the love alive. I have more tips including some of my worst moments of being in a long distance relationship, if you curious to read that let me know!
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