Midweek Reading : 07.10.15

October 07, 2015
Midweek reading | best yoga for you, diy, makeup brush cleaner and chic hostel accommodation

Happy hump day!!!

When I decided to get back into blogging I wondered if adding the midweek reading series should be a part of it. Without actually much wavering I sat back and realized how much joy I get from finding great content from around the blogosphere to share with you guys. The Midweek reading series is definitely here to stay. 

  • Flexing like a yogi, drop it down with your hands up.... baby bend over let me see you do that yoga. (sorry couldn't help myself lurrrv that song). I have been a fan of yoga for nearly 10 years. Have you ever wondered what kind of yoga is best for you? take this quiz and find out. (www.greatist.com)
  • Dirty makeup brushes are seriously just a no no.. if you yet to find a solution that works for your try Cara's diy makeup brush dry cleaner. (www.maskcara.com)
  • These citrus tea towels are to die for... get the full tutorial here. (www.makinghomebase.com)
  • Looking to travel on a budget and perhaps hostel accommodation is something you looking into, head here immediately to find some chic hostels.(www.mydomaine.com)

Be sure to comment and let me know which post you looking forward to checking out, and if you a blogger please leave your blog link too. Who knows you might just be a part of next weeks midweek reading post.

The SECRET to fool proof light fluffy scrambled eggs

October 06, 2015
The secret to fool proof scrambled eggs

I know I'm not the only one who loves eggs. The best for me is poached eggs. I know you thinking like seriously Megs a whole post on eggs????. But something as basic as scrambled eggs can be one of those "my special scrambled eggs" recipe you make for special guests. As with anything in life if you want to be a "I can cook like a boss" lady it all starts with perfecting the basics.

Now I don't know about you but I totally strive to be the "I can be a boss on social media, I can cook like a boss, I live like a boss…." kind of lady. I needed to learn the secret of this basic dish, that will come in handy for many many years.

The secret to fool proof scrambled eggs 2
My mom has mastered scrambled eggs, the woman makes the butteriest, fluffiest, I am in a hotel scrambled eggs. You crave it when you not around. I watched her wondering what the heck the secret was. I mean mine came out okay but they were not as light as a feather. I needed to add this basic to my repertoire. Teach me your secret mom I nagged at her one morning and as awesome as she is she gave me the low down.

So what is the secret.. It's as simple as get the freshest eggs, add a little milk  or cream and beat them … beat those eggs like there is no tomorrow ! The secret is beating it for minimum of 1 minutes.

The secret to fool proof scrambled eggs 3

And there you have it, the most simplest secret to scrambled eggs but gees does it make a huge difference.

The secret to fool proof scrambled eggs 4

Now I adore you and all that… Iv just shared my new secret to fluffy eggs, now I want your secret on how you make something basic stand out.  Whether it's how you get your rice to be fool proof, how you get cauliflower mash to taste potato like… Bring on the tips;) 

Must read books of the month

October 05, 2015

Must read books of the month | Motivational books, entertaining tips and why french women dont get fat

It goes something like this...

The weekly (South Africa) load shedding scenario, you literally without power, most times without warning and if you anything like me nearly out of battery on your laptop and have a long evening of boredom ahead. So you know what I have started doing ? I have started treating it like the universe is forcing me to have a  world off moment.

I can tell you right here and right now reading has calmed me down severely. If it wasn't for reading and getting lost in books I don't know what I'd be doing or even what a monster I would be.  No let's be real here I would  I'd lose it like for reaaaaal. Like really lose it!

So what's on this months reading list, what's getting me through those hours of black outs? Here you have it. These are are the top 3 books iv been diving into from last month to this month. 

Must read books of the month | Motivational books, entertaining tips and why french women dont get fat

Btw load shedding is the constant power outages we have in Johannesburg. They last anywhere from 4 hours to up to 12 - 24 hours and more and if you wondering how i'm reading when the lights are off I use a app :)

Whats on your reading list this month?

And we back!

Hi lovelies 

Oh my soul it's so good to be back on the creative track. After just not feeling inspired AT ALL I made the decision to put the blog on the back burner while discovering myself from scratch. Personally I needed to know if I could post great content and consistently too. Lets be real posts around here missed the little zest for life those last 3 months.

It was only until 2months ago I started feeling the need to express myself and get back to blogging. But I wasn't ready to put up with mediocre content. So these two months was all about getting many draft posts ready and today I can say with 100% certainty, I am sooooo happy for not posting and so happy I didn't Rush the process. There was a dire need to go back to the drawing board know what I mean?. 

Hallelujah I am finally at a point of happiness and satisfaction about the content and blog etc. and it only took 4 months people hahaha. You always have a choice to make in life do what's right for instant satisfaction or look at the long term goals and work towards that at a slow and steady pace until you in a good space. I did the latter . I'm excited about the content I will be posting and am thrilled to be back in this wonderful community I MISSED YOU GUYS and I must say a HUGE thank you for following on Instagram and being here today.

Please be sure to drop the link to all your new blog posts... You know girlfriend needs to play catch  up on what's going on in your life. 

Chia and chocolate pudding

April 14, 2015

Now I have been itching to get my hands on chia seeds for so long. Finally Dischem stocks them and a little really does go a long way. I made this dessert for the family the other day. We were craving a sweet treat and I kinda thought why not, I had chia pudding setting in the fridge. This might just be really the easiest desserts you can make and one that people believe you took forever to whip it up. Its really simple and super healthy too. The only thing that is time consuming is waiting for the chia pudding to set. It needs to set overnight, so get on that first. On that topic i'm about to eat some chia pudding while going through my emails.

Have a pleasant evening lovies!!!

Midweek reading | blogkeeping

March 26, 2015

With finding the time to blog being my biggest struggle I decided to dedicate this weeks midweek reading to all things blog related. Editorial calendars, inspiration, making the time, behind the scenes and also a few old favorite posts from my absolute favorite bloggers out there. This one is definitely dedicated to all YOU bloggers out there who work hard to create content and do it so effortlessly that the whole world thinks beings a blogger is the easiest "job" in the world. I take my hat off to all of you guys! 
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