Whats life like in Uganda?

So as some of you might know I am currently in Uganda, Kampala. Well kinda, seeing as though i'm in more the smaller areas of im guessing kampala. This is my second time here and the difference in lifestyle is quite significant. Have any of you been to South Africa, Johannesburg or Africa?

Most people think if you from Africa its all the same, but surprisingly enough, its not. 

With my readers being  from all around the globe, I was wondering do you have any questions you would like me to answer on life in Uganda? where to shop, eat, what to pack or even just random questions... I'm open to answer them. (Perhaps even in a video?

I'm in a mood to spice things up around here and while being on this new adventure this seems to be the perfect time to try new things, right?.

Drop me a question below and be part of this new adventure. 

Midweek reading

It has been a pretty decent week so far, things seem to be coming along quite nicely, fun boat trip, fun and delicious dinner cooked by Jorge and tons of dancing. I will admit I have been soooooo homesick but finally its more of a missing the family sick which is pretty normal right?. Plus you guys know I am so tight with the family. 

Another thing I have been seriously missing is our food, South Africans can cook like pro's! But I will say on that note I have finally started cooking, if your saw my instagram account I was thrilled. Nothing like a home cooked meal I tell you. But before this seriously gets into a long post about food lets get into some midweek reading.

  • Can we talk about how good malva pudding is, home made or even fruit and veges one. Seriously need to whip up some.(simply-delicious-food.com)
  • DIY gifts that don't suck??? sign me up. With the holiday season coming up its always good to have some options because we all know January is one loooooong month. (stylecaster.com)
  • Ever wondered what is the 411 on being an entrepreneur?
  • I am so obsessed with the Scandinavian home decor looks these days and I mean really its gorgeous.(dreambookdesign.com)

Hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I did, let me know what is your latest design inspiration.

Glam up your email signature with social media icons !

Glam up your emails by adding social media icons to your signature, step by step tutorial.

Every blogger knows how important a good efficient email signature is and if you didn't well now you know ;). There's many many cool ways to add your personal touch to your emails. Like adding the same social media icons you love and have on your blog, don't have any? well I got you covered with that too. Today I will be showing you how to easily update your email signature. 

What you will need:

  • Photobucket account
  • Icons (get extremely cool icons for free here)
  • Your Gmail account open 
  • URLS for all the social media you will be using. 
Lets get started shall we...

Midweek Reading : From Uganda

spring 2016 makeup, dutch bread, south african wedding and smores.

Its been a pretty stressful last few's days, from deaths in my family and being so far away and trying to settle in, all the way to having no internet for a few days. But thankfully there's things that always gets me smiling, seeing all your posts and catching up is always a bright spot. I mean truth is you have to find the positive parts to basically everything and I am always trying to remind myself how blessed I am to have opportunities like this (even when my face looks all sour hahaha).

By the way have you ever noticed that if you have a social network off day by choice its so much easier than when the universe says nope no network for you.... I mean seriously what is up with that. But things are moving along in the right direction and for that I am grateful. 

  • Who doesnt love a smores party? get all the details on how to have your own here. (classyclutter.net)
  • Keep up to date with 2016 spring makeup trends. I love the full eyebrows yet minimal look... obsessed! (harpersbazaar.com)
  • This South African rustic wedding is basically everything! Can we all agree my country is amazing please! (stylemepretty.com)
  • Freshly baked bread is something I need to bake more often. This recipe is no knead herb bread... yum!!!(greenkitchenstories.com)

This post is dedicated to my gran, please send love & light to her to help her through this difficult time.
Thanks  my fineapples<3

Quick update from Uganda

cocktails in Uganda, East Africa, Meghan Silva in uganda,  travel to africa

*Current mood: feeling very blessed *

Its been pretty quiet over here riiiiiight??? in my defense its been due to a last minute Uganda trip and having to figure out all the details, I will be here for 7 weeks and there is so much going on which I swear you will be the first (ok maybe second to know). Finally I have internet which means I will be back to my regular schedule and that's all good news for me. cocktails in Uganda, East Africa, Meghan Silva in uganda,  travel to africa
cocktails in Uganda, East Africa, Meghan Silva in uganda,  travel to africa

I seriously cant wait to get back into my routine, working out, blogging, instagram etc. Be sure to follow along and see more of Uganda if you curious and leave a comment below telling me exactly what topics you would like to see... I'm open for suggestions!!!

Love & light my fineapples :) 
P.S. yip thats your new name for you guys.

10 amazing things you can do with strawberries!

Strawberries you delicious legends... raise your hand if these are among your favorite fruits?. I agree it is my favorite thing to eat and use in my beauty regime. Its high in vitamin c, b complex and anti oxidants, you can grow it easily in your back yard and it is so versatile.

I am obsessed!

One sure way to increase blog traffic!

Increase blog traffic in one easy step. SEO. Why you should be naming your images.

If you new to blogging or even a pro blogger  sometimes we tend to overlook minor details, like naming our images. But seriously I have to tell you by just naming my images correctly my traffic has increased and we all know that is pretty important if you serious about your blog. It really is a numbers game. I mean the reality is you spend tons of time creating content and it deserves to be enjoyed. So here is my one sure way to increase your blog traffic and it only takes two minutes to do. 

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