My absolute best tips to help improve your sleep pattern

The best tips for improving sleep patterns by Meghan Silva

If you have a hard time falling asleep, or if you have a hard time getting back to sleep after waking up at night you might be looking for solutions to improve sleep patterns. These are some things you can attempt, if you have troubles sleeping, or staying asleep at night.

Routine –
You can’t go to bed at 10 PM for two nights, then 7 PM the next, and 2 AM a few nights later. Your body won’t get used to it. Choose a bedtime, stick to it (as closely as possible) and make it routine. Even on the weekends! The more you keep a pattern, the easier your body will adjust, and will “know” when it should be asleep.

Sunrise clocks –
Sunrise alarm clocks are a great option as well. They help set ambient lighting in a room, they wake you up slowly (mimic the sunrise), and thus make the whole waking up process much smoother. You can set soothing sounds, alarms, and other settings, for your specific needs. Click here for more information on wake up alarm clocks.

Dark –
Keep the room dark. A TV in the room, open blinds, or even light seeping in under a door crack, can impact your sleep. So, the darker you can keep it, and the less light you have infiltrating into the room, the easier it is going to be for you to fall, and to stay asleep at night.

In the event you suffer from a chronic or sleep condition, it is possible medication may be an option. So, consider discussing this with your doctor as well, to discuss the possibility of different medications or devices for sleep.

Regardless of what is causing sleep disturbances, a few simple changes can help improve length and quality of sleep. These are some things to try, if you are having a hard time falling, staying asleep, or both.

The best tips for improving sleep patterns by Meghan Silva

Have any tips of your own for getting into an amazing sleep pattern please share in the comments below, I'd love to hear them.

Can we talk about being effortlessly stylish for a minute...

Maximum style, minimum effort

Whatever your social calendar throws at you, you’ll naturally want to look your best. Dresses retailer QUIZ has news for you — finding the perfect look doesn’t have to take hours! Here, QUIZ explains the trick to looking effortlessly stylish this season:

Must-have Knitwear

The weather means we’re rarely seen without our trusty knits! This season, it’s all about cableknit, stripes and oversized jumpers. Having some staple knitwear pieces in your wardrobe is essential for the colder months and can keep your outfits on fleek.

Statement knit #1: the jumper dress

With their relaxed look and cosy feel, jumper dresses are the perfect pairing with chunky tights for colder days. There is no time wasted choosing matching garments and with long, knitted sleeves, there’s no need to scour your closet for a complementing coat either.
You can dress your look up too with a pair of heeled over-the-knee boots, perfect for day-to-evening glamour. If you’re in the mood to show off your curves, wrap a chunky belt around your dress to nip your waist in.

Statement knit #2: turtle necks

Layer you knits for an effortlessly cool look this season. Layering is pretty self-explanatory and is achieved by wearing a polo neck underneath a square-necked top or dress. Couple with your favourite pair of jeans and an ankle boot to fully master the look.
You can even take your layered look to the office too. A blazer and turtle neck combo is the perfect choice for a more formal look.

Ankle boots

Ankle boots return year after year, and who can be surprised!? They’re effortlessly stylish, super comfortable and oh-so on-trend. Sock boots are huge this season. They feature a pointed toe, high heel and textured fabric that fits to the ankle. They are pull-on for extra ease and can be paired with jeans during the day time and a stylish skirt for a night on the town.
If you’re struggling with colours, stick to black — they’ll go with almost anything. Choose a pair with a chunky heel so that they’re suitable for day and night time.


Of course, one of the easiest ways to transform any outfit is with the right accessories.
This season, it’s all about statement earrings. Tassels, chunky metal and huge hoops (yep, they’re still on trend) are all acceptable this autumn/winter and can be matched with most outfits. Choose a black or gold pair and keep them in your bag to slip in for after-work drinks.
Luggage wise, choose small, leather bags or backpacks; they’ll add a practical finishing touch to any outfit. Black is an ideal option to go for if you’re hoping to use it every day; buy one with a cute pattern on to keep things interesting. Or purchase a brightly coloured one such as red or gold and buy matching shoes – pair with jeans and a dressy top for a cute look.
Once you know what you should be wearing, pulling off that effortlessly stylish look becomes even easier!

Sending love & light and plenty stylish vibes till next time,

Happy 2018... better late than never, right?

Hi my loves,

Happy 2018!!! I thoroughly enjoyed my blog and social media hiatus. I started having major anxiety about the whole thing. I am a true believer that breaks of all kinds, mental, vacations or simple changes can renew ones spirit. That's exactly what I needed. If you a long time reader you will know I became mom and I was trying to balance life in all its glory. But motherhood is not for the fainthearted and it really threw me off my game. Weight gain, lack of general oomph to name a few. But I am thrilled to let you know I made it through the funk. I feel renewed. 

Hope your year has started on a happy note.

Sending love & light

What exactly would a date night cost you around the globe? I have the answers!

You guys know exactly how I feel about dating, not the seeing a whole lot of people dating but actually the idea of date nights and date day outings. They can bring the spark back or take you from friend zone to love zone depending on how well the date goes. So today I am teaming up with my friends over at  Angelic Diamonds retailers of bespoke palladium engagement rings, to share with you how much dates costs all around the world. Because you never know when you might find yourself on the opposite side of the globe and who knows if a gorgeous diamond ring will present itself *wink wink*.
Sometimes though, dates can be expensive and it can be hard to find a good location or venue on a budget. Which is what inspired this post. Not to mention that I will be off to Portugal soon and am doing tons of research. The type A planner in me is in list making heaven.
Whether it’s Rome, London, Paris or New York, there’s a perfect date out there for everyone, and who knows, it just might be the one that takes your relationship to the next level! we have gathered all the details on making the most of your date no matter where you are in the world. I have added both the Pound estimates and the ZAR estimates for my international and South African readers.
As the capital of Italy, Rome is brimming with 3,000 years of art, architecture and culture – making any date in this beautiful city one of romance and sophistication.

For the true fans

If your partner is looking for some excitement when you’re in the capital, and you’d really like to treat the pair of you, why not go to a A.S. Roma football match? At the grand Stadio Olimpico, you can buy a ticket for €100 (£88.02) ZAR 1683.45 . Just make sure you’re both football fans before you go, as it’ll be slightly awkward if one of you is bored when surrounded by screaming fans…

The people watchers

If you’re on a budget, then why not try taking a walk to the picturesque Trevi Fountain and throwing a spare penny in for good luck? Once you’re done, you could take a stroll to one of the many cafes nearby so that you can sit and people watch to your heart’s content.

The classic date

If you’ve got a bit of money to spend but don’t want to break the bank, why not try the classic dinner and cinema date? In Rome, you can expect to pay €21 (£18.48) ZAR 353,52 for your taxi and €57 (£50.17) ZAR 959,56 for your meal for two in one of Rome’s fine restaurants. To top it all off, you can spend €17 (£14.96) ZAR 286,19 on two cinema tickets.


London is a booming metropolis full of great shops, bars and restaurants that will keep you both entertained for more than just one date! If you want to enjoy this city properly, then you’ll need to know where to go. When it comes to dates in this city, the world really is your oyster.

Living the high-life

If you and your partner like to enjoy the finer things in life, then why not try afternoon tea at a prestigious London hotel? At £50 ZAR 841,72  per person, you and your date could enjoy tea, scones and sandwiches at the prestigious Claridge’s Hotel, in Mayfair. If you are both enjoying the pleasures of luxury, then why not book a superior queen room at £690 ZAR 11615,78 a night?

For the inquisitive

London isn’t just about fine-dining and luxurious hotels, it’s also full of great museums where you can learn more about the cultural history of London.
The Natural History Museum, the National Portrait Gallery and Tate Modern are all free to enter — they are perfect options for cultural visits that’ll get those brain cells exercised. Once you’re bored of the museum's, head over to Westminster Bridge to see Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. This also isn’t too far from the Southbank, where you can pick up some delicious street food or take in the great views all around you.

The classic date

Leicester Square has hosted many film premieres over the years, with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood descending on its red carpet to see in the release of their new blockbuster. If you’re not on the guest-list, then why not take your date to the cinema for £23 / ZAR387,19  ? If you get hungry, you can always get a meal including wine and dessert for £66 / ZAR 1111,07. Don’t forget to hit the bars on your way out, where a pint will typically set you back £4.41, and a cocktail will cost £9 / ZAR 151,51 – not bad when you’re living it up in the capital!


Paris is the true city of romance and my favorite city ever. Tourists come from far and wide to have a great time with their significant other, and this could be you too. Home to many of the world’s greatest writers and artists, Paris oozes chic everywhere you walk through its many streets.

Taking a date to new heights

Going on a date to the Eiffel Tower is an impressive feat any day of the year, but especially so on Valentine’s Day. On this day, why not try booking in at 58 Tour Eiffel? It’ll cost you around €120 (£105.63) / ZAR 2020,14 for each person, however, if you’d like a seat in the window to witness the spectacular views, then you can pay the extra €30 (£26.41) / ZAR  505,03 to really take your romance to dizzying heights!

Paris on a budget

The city is host to some of the most beautiful bridges in the world, which makes dating on a budget in this city very easy. As a symbol of their love for one another, many Parisians use padlocks and lock them to the Pont des Arts Bridge, throwing away the key into the water.
The locks can be purchased for a couple of euros each, so it’s probably the cheapest date that you’ll go on. Be warned though, as Paris officials are urging couples to stop so that the bridges can be protected; instead, why not take the lock home as a reminder of that great date you had together. I literally brought home a whole box of souvenirs.

The classic date

If the weather’s poor outside, or you’d rather take the tried and tested methods when it comes to your date, then why not head over to a quaint restaurant in the city? There, a meal for two including wine and dessert will typically cost around €65 (£57.21 ) / ZAR 1094,24 . Afterwards, if you head over to the cinema, it’ll cost you €20 (£17.60) / ZAR 336,69.

New York

If you can make it on a date here, then you can really make it anywhere. The big apple offers something for everyone- - with the theatres of Broadway, the neon-lit Times Square and skyscrapers like the Empire State Building, the possibilities really are endless.

Flying sky-high

If you want to pull out all of the stops for your date, then why not take them on a ride they’ll never forget? A private helicopter tour of New York’s famous landmarks will set you back around $1,500 (£1,184.40) / ZAR 25251,70 , so you’ll need to get saving if this sounds like the perfect date for you! With unparalleled views of the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and Central Park though, this is the perfect date to get your heart’s racing. Hold on tight!

Walk those famous streets

If you’d like to do something a bit more low-key, then take a twilight walk around Central Park like Audrey Hepburn did in Breakfast at Tiffany’s to really set the mood for the evening. Or, if you’re feeling peckish, you could go to the restaurant featured in Where Harry Met Sally; you’ll be quoting lines from the film in no time!
If that’s not enough, take a walk down to the financial district if you and your date want to feel part of the glamour and excitement of the Wolf of Wall Street. Just be careful, as it’s a jungle out there…

The classic date

Taking a trip to NYC wouldn’t be the same without going to the movies, so take your date at the typical cost of $28 (£22.11)/ ZAR 471,37. Perhaps a meal would complement this date nicely? Including wine and dessert, you can expect a meal for two to cost you $111 (£87.66) / ZAR 1868,63. After that, the two of you could paint the town red in some of Manhattan’s best rooftop bars. A cocktail will likely cost $14 (£11.06) / ZAR 235,68 and a pint of lager around $7 (£5.53) / ZAR  117,84. Enjoy!

I hope I covered it all or at the very least enough to get your travel date nights on the right path. With any traveling you have to do your research which is why I have created this post for you so you don’t have to do all of the guessing work.

Let me know if you will be traveling soon or what has been the best date you ever went on in the comments below.

You are so important to me,help me get to know you and create content you will adore!

If you a long time reader you know exactly where I started from, a 27 year old dreaming of Paris and living for the moment. My life was free and I was on a determined to live a balanced life, 5 years later in the core I am still the same (hopefully better) lady. But I have lived a whole lot more. I traveled quite a lot. I became a mom and am still figuring it all out. So this leaves me to question where are my readers in their life and who are they? are they new moms like me? travelling the world? full time bloggers ? desiring to be full time bloggers? social media influencers?. 

So with me trying to dedicate more time consistently to this little gem of mine with that comes knowing exactly who I am writing for, what topics you would enjoy and just who you are in general. It would mean the absolute world if you would take 5 minutes to simply answer a few questions for me. 

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