Why i haven't posted my hair growth tips yet

So this is such an overdue post.. 

I promised to do a hair growth and thickening post a few months ago. I was so extremely excited to share my results with you guys at the time because my results were super fast and pretty incredible. But after posting my before and after pics I decided to try my tricks again and see if I can gain more growth and thickness and I didn't see much results.

Truth is I just can't sell you guys on a method that wasn't consistently working for me. In the last few months I have been trying new things, some that have worked so well for me and some that didn't. But I promise I will share an in depth post on what seriously is game changing when I find or figure out what that is. Just call me your personal hair growth guinea pig.

If you guys want a few general tips on hair growth and gaining thickness or wanting to know how I achieved my results from back then. Then let me know in the comments below, because I'm happy to share it with you guys. 

Till the next post

Can we talk witchy for a minute ?

So witch hazel has been a part of my bathroom cabinet for ages, but whenever I tell anyone how awesome it is they like what on earth is witch hazel. It sounds terrifying.

No its not brewed by a witch, its actually one of natures best healing agents. Its made from the witch-hazel shrub and is one powerful astringent. I swear I've seen acne disappear in a week, cuts healed super fast and that's just to mention a few. One might even say its got some magic powers (or maybe that's just me).

But if you still not convinced about witch hazel I am pretty much sure after reading this post you will be curious and heading out the door to grab yourself a bottle or two.

Here are 10 AMAZING uses for witch hazel:
  1. It works super well as a acne or breakout spot treatment.
  2. It helps to tighten your pores which is why I add it into my diy toner.
  3. It treats dandruff. With its astringent properties its great at ridding your scalp of dandruff
  4. It relieves your skin from itching when you have been bitten by bugs... Like those pesky mosquitoes.
  5. It can soothe razor burns and sunburn.
  6. It can heal and disinfect cuts and wounds.
  7. Have pets? Well it can remove ticks .
  8. It works amazing as a household cleaner due to the astringent properties.
  9. It removes hair dye stains from your skin.
  10. Its great for reducing puffy eyes. Cut a cotton round soaked in witch hazel in half and place underneath your eyes.

Well there you have it, as you can tell there is many many many uses for witch hazel. Are any of these uses new to you?

This weeks recap | looking like a chipmunk for mothers day

You guys has these last  one and a half weeks has been so crazy.

I literally was so swollen like a chipmunk running up and down to the dentist on different antibiotics.
Finally hallelujah the swelling subsided and everything was sorted out this Friday. I mean the agony of toothache is just another kind of pain. But honestly one total positive is how much it has shone a light on being thankful for being healthy. Like just the simple ability to have a healthy mouth to eat and drink whatever you want.

I swear I literally started feeling like I have to be more thankful on days I feel good. Its like that was Gods message to me. Have you ever felt that way?

This was this weeks / last 2 weeks recap:

  • I tried to do a diet but totally failed. I got pretty sick I think next time I try a diet I will detox first. Because I have been pigging out this past month.
  • Matteo can stand for a few seconds. He actually let's go of anything that has helped him up and stands. Its been a very regular thing. But once distracted he falls back down.
  • I fell off the miracle morning wagon. Because of my chipmunkization. (Totally a made up word)
  • I'm planning a giveaway. If you into aromatic amazing scrubs you going to love it. Stay tuned for that.
  • I stayed in bed on meds for both my birthday and mother's day. I had such bad toothache on both days it was insane. I honestly didn't even want friends or family over I was so damn swollen. I will admit I had a little pitty party. But I have promised to treat myself for both days I missed.

Its was a pretty boring 2 weeks, not quite the way I saw it going but like they say everything happens for a reason this just made me realize I want to live more, do more and enjoy being healthy. Now your turn, what has been one major life changing realization you had this year?

My favorite Beauty D.I.Y.s ... the recap.

If you have been a long time reader you know how much I live for beauty D.I.Y.S.

The more I can understand what I am putting on my body and skin the better. I have literally been a guinea pig for this blog. My parents always laugh and say my word you seriously will try anything (as I a walk around with turmeric on my face and brightly yellow stained turmeric teeth). As I have said before i LIVE for a good natural beauty alternative and when it actually delivers on some good results I rejoice like I have won the lotto. 

There has been many and I mean many disappointments but omg the good one's have really changed the beauty game for me.

One thing I always get compliments about is my skin but as we all know it takes a generous amount of effort to get the right regime going. Which is why I love a beauty d.i.y. it can be custom made to your skin, hair and body needs. My current skincare regime involves face dry brushing, a d.i.y. skin toner, grape seed oil,a anti marks drugstore cream and the occasional face mask its simple and works for me. As you can tell its pretty much 80% natural for me right now. I am currently craving something more powerful for my ever increasing wrinkles but for now that's what I have found to work. 

Without seriously going on a wrinkle infused ramble here are some of my favorite beauty d.i.y.s.

10 Unusual uses for coconut oil

10 totally unusual uses for coconut oil, some might totally surprise you.

We already know Coconut oil is amazing as an oil treatment and its amazing as a skin moisturizer with many skin benefits like anti aging properties and more, but what is some other  uses of coconut oil?. I will be sharing 10 unusual uses for coconut oil.

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