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August 16, 2014

Weekend Reading | Meghan Silva Blog

Its really a grey and gloomy day here in Johannesburg, so why not keep warm with a cup jo and some good reading. With that said I have really been enjoying finding new posts, tips, recipes and so forth to add to my midweek or weekend reading. Can I make a confession? I often use them to save posts I want to keep for future use. Who doesn't love learning, right? This week's been busy but great. Do I need a little break oh yes I do... So don't mind me as I pour me another cup of jo and have me some weekend reading. 

August 12, 2014

Craving summer music playlist!

Anyone who personally knows me and even some of my lovely online friends (who are kind enough to always send me beachy vibes. p.s. ilu) know I might be the most relaxed living, Caribbean life desiring, snipping nearly every jeans I own into daisy dukes, ocean craving, chilled beats needing person in this world. The music I gravitate too has to take me on a journey. In all honesty I have to give credit to my ex boyfriend who just changed my life with Jack Johnson and beach holidays. Tons of bare essential trips and parents who told me their honeymoon included a caravan, a guitar and Mozambique. I know his since moved to a bustling city and turned into more a heavy metal kind of spirit to each their own. But I literally thank him every time we talk, because that part of me is what keeps me sane and grounded. I think every person I dated since will express how greatly I appreciate simplicity. Some value it, some don't and that's perfectly fine. I was browsing around looking for new remote destinations I would like to visit and It made me think of which songs I would totally need while laying on the beach drinking my pina colada. Needless to say I am craving summer!!!

August 11, 2014

Motivational Monday | Be brave enough to ask those dreaded questions.

I really have gone back and forth about hitting the publish button on this post. Not for the fear that I will feel ashamed or its over share, more the fact that from going from an abusive,cheating relationship I started noticing guys I was giving my time to tended to treat me like trash... no matter what they did they were like "at least I didn't cheat etc." So putting this one incident out there that hurt me, its like I don't want any guy to think... well she took that so anything I do is fine. I read and awesome quote on instagram (not yet following? be sure to follow @MeghanSSilva ) "Once you let a motherf...er slide, they start FIGURE skating" this made me totally laugh and nod my head. But anyway I am putting my big girl panties on and just want to motivate you with a personal lesson in love and let you all know, you not alone in this rough dating world. I hope you enjoy this honest post.
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