Lets talk winter fitness,preggo friendly workouts and more!!!

Can we be real for a second?
We all know there is summer fitness, where you are at the gym at 5-am, eating salads, your favourite sweet is fruit, and life is a full-on health and wellness advertisement. Then we have the daunting winter fitness, where every single move you make is a struggle. It doesn't have to be though, which is why I teamed up with  Dialdirect, one of the life insurance companies, to talk about sticking to a fitness routine during winter.
You know by now that I am full on preggo-huge belly and heavy breathing preggo. And, if I can keep moving during the winter season, so can you. It's so crazy how responsible you become the minute you find out you’re expecting. You start stressing about things like insurance and keeping fit. It doesn't have to be a tedious task though. Today I will be sharing my favourite pregnancy at-home workout, three of my "I ain't pregnant; I need a harder workout" at-home workouts, and my top tips for feeling energized during winter, because we all know summer bodies are made in winter.

So working out while pregnant doesn't (in my very humble opinion) offer tons of options; everything is modified and easier which is great for those exhausting days. Your body is going through plenty of changes, so take it easy. However, sometimes you just want something challenging and this is why 10 Minute Solution is amazing. It is challenging; it covers everything--booty, abs, arms and flexibility. I have tried many workouts and this is my absolute favourite.

Now for my non-preggos, you lucky fineapples, you have a ton of choices. Let me introduce you to some YouTube videos that I am obsessed with; I seriously cannot wait to give these a go post pregnancy. These tighten and tone all the right places and leave you feeling extra sore the next day--hello gym swag. These workouts are by my favourite duo, Karena & Katrina, and their workouts are hard but so much fun.

On the real though, other than Zumba, no other workout is more fun than TIU workouts!

From top to bottom: Total body, HIIT & Booty
Now for those curious on why I have chosen all these indoor workouts, it’s simple:
If you can roll out of bed and not even brush your hair, get an amazing workout in and still be warm and comfy,would you complain about working out? Nope, you will easily just get in that much needed 30 minutes of activity your body craves and needs.

But let’s not only talk about indoor activity; getting out and about in our gorgeous winter sun is a must in my life. I just cannot sit indoors all the time. We have the most amazing nature and winters here in South Africa,--take advantage of it. My favourite outdoor winter activity is taking my three dogs on walks. These days they’re pulling me up the hill, but it’s still a great way to stay active.
For my shopping addicts: get to your nearest mall and try not to sit down for 30 minutes; just keep moving and browsing, and you will be pleasantly surprised at how many steps you take in that 30 minutes. The goal is around 10,000 steps.
The bottom line is just keep moving.
When it comes to dieting I must confess that I have had my cheat meals far too often but, in all fairness, if you can’t cheat a bit during pregnancy then I don't know when you ever can. This is just a time in my life when I'm craving the bad stuff more often. The perk of it being winter though is those delicious vegetable-filled soups. Nothing beats a good soup in the colder months, right?

Hmmm now I'm kind of craving a good butternut soup.

Let me know what your favourite soup of all time is in the comments below, and also do tell how you’re keeping up with your fitness regime this winter.

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  1. Congratulations, Meghan! Long walks on the beach with our doggies was the most relaxing exercise I got while preggers. And I surely did enough browsing for baby goodies up and down and all around malls. And oddly, my favourite foods were oranges, and beetroot!!! Can you ever! It was good to know that I could continue a deliciously high cholesterol diet during pregnancy... so bacon and eggs every day!!


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