Advice for my sixteen year old self

lets talk boobs ,boys, high school, being different, friendships and more.

Hey young Megs, 

I know you seriously can't wait to be done with school at this point, you just want to work and travel already. There's a burning desire to escape your current reality and you wondering what colour to dye your hair next. You also wondering if you should start having a boyfriend behind your dads back or if you will ever have really big boobs. 

Is Christina Aguilera's hair is your spirit animal or will it be a disaster like when you dyed your hair red to fit in with the cool kids?. 

You wondering if your friends will still be your friends 10 years from now and already fantasizing about what being on your own will be like. There's no doubt you will be a super famous something, not quite sure what yet but you will change the world. You also feeling crazy shit right now, you don't quite fit in anywhere and life is just not as easy anymore. 

I have some interesting things for you to consider, some will blow your mind ;)

31 year old Meghan

10 random tips and lessons for my younger self:

  1. Make it a priority to enjoy being 16, even if school sucks ( which mine did). Don't let anyone steal your joy or dictate your happiness. Find a hobby you love and zone in on that. Sports, blogging, singing do whatever you enjoy just make life super fun for you.
  2. Don't be in a rush to move out, living on your own is so expensive. Enjoy having no bills for a while. Trust me when they start piling up you will treasure your bill free life.
  3. I'm not going to tell you to not dye your hair, I loved experimenting with me hair BUT avoid the permanent dyes. Try milder options.
  4. Friendships are going to change. The real friendships will last for a lifetime and the rest will fade away.
  5. Being different is the best asset you have when trying to succeed in life. All the weird, unique people you know are gonna rise to the top. So embrace your weirdness.
  6. By 31 you might have had 5 long term( 3 to 5 years each) boyfriends... I know right?? 
  7. The truth about your boobs is you just never know, these suckers either grow or they don't. My boobs only grew at age 25 and now I have fabulous boobs. 
  8. Your future success will be based on how you hustle. Always work smart when working towards any goal.
  9. Don't bother with foundation and powders when you sixteen, enhance your eyes and play with lip colours if you must. 
  10. If you blessed with no acne, your skin will never look better. If however you have breakouts activated charcoal is your friend. Don't feel cursed for your breakouts either, some of the clear skin people you see around you will suffer from adult breakouts. It's life.

Let me know what your top lessons for your sixteen year old self would be, 
I'd love to know!!!


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  2. I enjoyed reading this piece. Might do one when I turn 30 next year

  3. I enjoyed reading this piece. Might do one when I turn 30 next year


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