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This is a topic I am enlightened in if I must say so myself. The 24 year old me would be devastated by the idea of being alone. No friends? no parties? no drag racing? shoot me now I'd scream. But I have grown in heaps and bounds in the last few years and really discovered how to enjoy being alone. Whether you alone because you staying in a new place, got an extremely busy partner, introvert type or in a long distance relationship. I kinda can relate to it all. Learning to be happy and to have a sense of home within yourself really is a great gift. Something not everyone gets. I know people who cannot go a day without making a new friend to escape their own minds and boredom and to be honest I  seriously I cant judge, once upon a time I was like that too.

But that feeling of an empty void needing to be filled doesn't always have to be there. That's my goal and main reason why I chose to write and share more about my thoughts on this topic. Often times you can be surrounded by tons of people and still feel extremely lonely. Its all about being happy with being in your own company. These are my personal tried and tested ways I beat the lonely bug. 

Find out what makes YOU happy: sounds simple but this was one thing I really had to figure out. Did I actually like art? markets? movies? cooking?. The best way to source out what brings you joy is to think about things you did this last month that you wouldn't have done if you were alone. Once you figure this part of yourself out the rest is easy.

Don't make it a do or die moment about finding friends: Its easy to feel alone and say okay today I will make a friend etc. On my very first day in Leuven I found myself alone in a new place, not knowing where the basic stores or actually anything was. I decided why not explore!!! Now I love taking pictures, if ever there was one thing that makes me happy is a beautiful shot. So camera in hand I wanted to know where the local grocer, pharmacy, coffee shop was.... Leuven has many. I ended up heading out and met an awesome new friend who shared my interest in exploring and capturing the moments, she was a camera obsessed Caribbean, heat loving beauty... literally my kind of people. See that's the thing when you doing your magic, which is simply enjoying yourself and doing what you really love people will be attracted to your aura. Its that simple! 

Do those super girly things: When you living with someone its like golden rays at the end of a tunnel the moment your partner says I am heading out etc. oh my word does this mean foot mask time.... oh hell who am I kidding just mask me up. Get out the sex and the city dvds, pop open the rose, light that lavender candle put your mask on and just enjoy that time you have AND ladies stop feeling guilty about this! your man is two stepping out that house just as thrilled for some alone time. So feel free to enjoy it. Don't sit there all night feeling alone because your partner wants a life of his or her own. Do something that makes you happy. 

Long distance loneliness: While in my LDR I would do the things I couldn't when he was around. Finish a really romantic book... cook something very artsy no worries of will it fill his belly. I would go to a mall and walk like I had all the time in the world. Even head to "me dates"... meaning I choose everything where to eat, what to eat, what to drink.... oh you want another cocktail do you? well why not Meghan. You want a baklava to not share??? uhmmm yes please. Do it all. Go sit in a park and read for hours in silence. No need to talk just enjoy that silence and your book darling. Use it as selfishly as you want... its your time to feel free. But no cheating that is taking your freedom way way way to far. #justsayin

Create a fancy meal for someone you love: Nothing makes you feel loved like that inner group of friends and family. We all have them, whenever I watch something on the cooking channel my minds goes into "who would I cook that for" mode. Not in a sad way but in a pizza is Nadia's favorite, carpaccio my brothers, desserts my sisters and so forth. But nothing makes me happier than knowing I can show some love to these special people like cooking for them does. Getting new dishes, fancy desserts, fresh flowers I even tend to make a signature drink. Doing something for and with the people you love and who also love and value you makes all the difference in the world. You don't need 1000's of friends all you need is a handful of people in your life to know you not alone. I knew someone once who had 30000 fans screaming his name and 5000 facebook friends and he turned to me and said "you have no idea how lonely I feel every single day". Its not about the quantity but really the quality of friendships.

This post has been one I have been meaning to write for a while now and I am so thrilled its finally ready to be shared. I know people from every walk of life who battles daily with this feeling that they are alone in this world. You not and if anything, you fineapple you have me. Don't hesitate to comment or instagram, facebook, email me and keep in touch. Hearing from each and every one of you makes me one happy lady!

Have a beautiful Wednesday my lovelies.


  1. Perfectly motivating. Thanks for sharing this beautiful reminder. I think everyone goes through depression or loneliness every once in a while.

  2. Great tips and very motivational!

    The Latest. Beauty & Colour

  3. Such a great post..


  4. Aw this is a lovely post, we definitely all get lonely, I know when I moved to London it was tough - important to look after yourself first! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  5. Finding out what makes you happy is personally one of the biggest challenges a woman can go through but when you go through that you come out stronger! Lovely post x

  6. Thanks for sharing this! It was a lovely read - perfect for February. Haha!

    Love, Richel. | Richel Goes Places


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