What makes a "great blogger", anyway?

I was by accident listening (ease dropping) to a conversation between a few ladies about blogging. Common you know the minute I heard blogging I would be a tiny bit more attentive. They were discussing how to distinguish a "good blogger" from a "bad blogger". With some valid key points on layout and perfect pictures, it got me thinking what is a "good blogger"?

"Tweet: What makes a "great blogger", anyway?" 

In my very humble opinion, yes I think some things make a blogger more relatable and makes the blog itself beautiful in a complete package. But, with each blog being a creative voice of an individual with various tastes, loves and loathes, could it ever be as easy to define. I personally think its all about what a reader is looking for. I read many blogs, some I start following like my daily cosmo. Others are once off experiences and from the second I read them thoughts like "too young for me", "totally not in the same life phase" or even a simple "boring" pop into my head. So I thought just for adding my two cents to a conversation I wasn't a part of ;) I will share a list of things I look for in a blog or blogger.

  • A witty way with words: the lady who puts humor in an otherwise dull or sad topic. Like a bad break up. I relate to witty.
  • Beautiful images : I am more an image girl as a reader, big, gorgeous images that provoke some thoughts. 
  • Food food food: I love me some food bloggers, oh yes I do. The idea that they sat in their kitchen working on a meal or recipe for me... makes me feel like I am invited for lunch and an awesome read as well.
  • Clean or editorial layouts: I simply know if we were to meet we would hit it off. I like clean layouts its just my personal taste.
  • Social media sneak peaks on the sidebar: bring on the instagram feed and tweets. This tells me two things #1 I love taking pictures and can be witty (point 1) with my words. #2 I have a blog but I am not just what you see on here, get to know me better.
  • Philosophical posts about life: Give me your relationship tips, give me your career thoughts, tell me what makes your day better. I enjoy learning about peoples opinions. I might not be obsessed about news and statistics, but people, I am interested in their thoughts.
  • Daily fashion ideas: its easy to crave the LV and Giuseppe heels, but I prefer posts that I can sit back and say, love that coat or dress and need to find one. Clothes that I know I can wear while sipping a pina colada on a sunny Sunday.

~Image credit: Cupcakes and cashmere~


  1. Personally, I keep coming back to a blog depending on the content and how much the blogger interacts with her/his readers ;) xx

  2. Such a good list and valid points Meghan. I also agree with what Megan says about interaction. Always better to be a person than a poster

  3. You make a good point about a blogger being in a different phase of life to the reader, someone could write the best blog in the world, but for the most part, if it's about their life as a school student, it's not for me.

  4. I definitely like humour and I think if I would like this person in real life then I can follow their blog because then there's an actual basis for the relationship. Blogging is about community and I'm a fussy picker, lol

  5. Completely agree... love the way you write doll!
    kisses from Miami,

  6. Personality definitely, but the layout and photos have to be spot on! I am so picky ;) xx

  7. Meghan! Love this post--and I absolutely agree it's hard to define a good blog/blogger...but you know it when you see it.


    Erin @ truffles-ruffles.com

  8. I love bloggers with a sense of humor and are witty. Regardless if you are a beauty/fashion/lifestyle blogger, give me a sense of your personality, and a glimpse of what your real world is like.

  9. Great post and I agree with every single one of your points.

    WHERE were you that you overheard this?! I hear no talk of blogs or blogging in my area of South Africa - it is saddening. I feel like I am the only one!! Sniff sniff.


    1. At Bem bom in bedfordview... I was just as surprised I often feel like in South Africa we rare species hahah.

  10. Your list really covers it all. As a reader, there are a key things that keep me visiting the same blog day in and day out. 1) Beautiful style/pictures - Ex: Atlantic-Pacific 2) Someone who is relatable, insightful, and has a lot of wisdom to share. 3) A good sense of humor. I would say those are my top 3. :)

  11. great post dear! and also a great blog! let me know if you want to follow each other on bloglovin and facebook:)

  12. I love this post hun! I love reading blogs that just appeal to me and are catching :)
    Sensitive Epidermis | Rainbow

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