Read this: When you just cannot keep motivating yourself to keep going after your goals!


This post really was inspired late at night while the power was off, sitting in the dark having itchy feet and hoping I could just be active and productive. I didnt miss watching t.v. or doing my hair instead I really craved working. Now a month or two ago I lost my oomph to keep going. I made every excuse as to why I couldn't blog or go after my goals. Then something as basic as internet was taken away. The cable was stolen a week went by, two weeks went by and I started realizing how I had taken wifi and internet for granted. It woke me up in a big way and I just knew I had to share this lesson with you.

We all have those moments when you just don't feel motivated to lets say workout, yet you have goals to get healthier. Perhaps you have a goal to write a book but you put off getting started with the thought that crosses all our minds "I will try tomorrow". You start building chapters of excuses in your mind, now hold that excuses in your mind for a second... I know you know exactly what excuses I am talking about, acknowledge that they exist and you have lived by them. 

Now imagine the possibility of achieving ANY of these goals disappeared, you lose your internet for a whole year, or you (God forbid and I wish this on no one, not even my enemy) lose your limbs and cannot workout  ever again. Yes it is pretty extreme thoughts but I find when you in a rut your spirit needs a huge awakening. What would you do if all your opportunities to try to do something were taken away?.

The greatest advice I can give anyone who has lost their will to fight and go after their goals is start taking inventory of what you have in your life, the wifi, the health, maybe a supportive partner who encourages you daily, a great way with words and so forth and then start valuing it and using it. Don't take things for granted, learn to motivate yourself to always try and be grateful for that inner passion that you possess and for everything whether big or small that will help you achieve your end goals. Release your excuses that are holding you back. I'm sorry if this post is sounding very preachy but I get so many messages and emails from people who are so close to giving up.

Here is one task I have for you for the day ahead fill in the blank section in the statement below and during the day when you feeling down or demotivated remind yourself. I promise it helps.

"Today I am blessed because I have ...., ....,....., and because of this I can achieve my goals and ultimately change my life."

Hope you have a wonderful and productive week ahead! 

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  1. Gratitude! I have found that the minute I lose sight of how much I have to be grateful for, I start to slip into an unmotivated and miserable state. When I remind myself of how much I have, it makes reaching my goals seem far more attainable as I am already so blessed!

  2. Hi Meg,
    so beautiful words.
    In my opinion gratitude is the key for a beautiful life
    Maggie Dallospedale Fashion diary - Fashion blog

  3. I love that you pushed for at least three things I'm grateful for, it really helped put things in perspective x

  4. perfect post :) can't wait to

  5. Such an inspirational/motivational post!!! Love the picture too :) Beautiful!!

    Layla xx


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