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This week kinda flew by, we had a midweek public holiday yay... heritage day or also known as braai day and I must admit I am feeling crazy lazy this week. How has your week been? ready for the weekend? 

On a total new topic, I remember how I hated feeling left out when I had no instagram. So I just thought I would update all those who are not following me or aren't able to follow on instagram about whats been happening in my life outside of the blog. 

Top Left to Right:
  • A satisfying selfie with no make-up just a dash of cherry lip balm. Which means my skin is finally more even toned after my nightmarish blemishes. Will share my tips soon. 
  • I have been growing out my hair and found this amazing DIY biotin shake on Luxy Hair and my hair is getting longer and thicker... Mimi I love you honey.
  • A plait I have been loving and living in. Simple easy and for some reason looks super stylish.
  • Currently Bart and I are in a long distance romance.. totally hate it, but getting flowers helps. 
  • My favorite addition in my closet is this fabulous White Tiger dress by Amica fox. With summer right at our doorstep and the temperatures rising this is going to be my go to piece. If this dress isn't as fabulous as it gets I have a 20% voucher code for all my readers just type in Foxy when making your purchases. Stay tuned for my first in a very long time  outfit post where I will be wearing this dress.
  • This Portuguese dessert Farofias is the just the perfect sweetness for me, I will be sharing my recipe on the blog soon. 
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  • While walking Ginger I decided I needed some flowers and picked some from a neighbors garden... some say bad girl, I say I made a plan girl! haha
  • My obsession with pink things still continues.. Kangol lipgloss, x-ray passport cover, small case to keep all the lady essentials and my Marc B purse.

So now a question for you which post would you like to see first, how I cleared my skin or my Farofias dessert recipe?... share your opinion in the comments below and just to get to know my you lovelies better.. what is your heritage? 


  1. Love Instagram pictures and posts like this, it gives you an insight into the blogger which is nice :)

    I'm on there too @layladbeauty :)

    Hope you're well!

    Layla xx


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