Happier and Healthier 2014

There is so much more I want in this life, to live a life that is filled with love, gratitude ,tons of traveling and grace. To love myself and take amazing care of myself so I can be the best person to those around me. To be more confident. These goals have turned into plans. One thing I have been yearning for is to be healthier. This has been a burning desire for me as of late. I didn't even realize how much I missed working out regularly until I started noticing which people I follow on instagram. I have been so drawn to the fitness pages, the ladies who are dedicated to living the healthy way. So with that said I have decided to get my act together so to speak. The only crazy thing is it can get very overwhelming which is why I have decided to put together a list. Yip another list haha.

  • Drink more water and less coffee.
  • eat breakfast daily.
  • meditate daily
  • yoga twice a week.
  • workout more. Period.
  • share this journey over on instagram.
  • Keep surrounding myself with people who's fitness I admire.
  • Eat clean as often as I can. Eating clean is damn expensive!
  • Taking a before picture.

These are just some things I can think of right this second. Do you have any tips? tricks? would you like to join me on this journey to being healthier? if so follow along on instagram and use the hashtag #HappierandHealthier2014 I will check these hashtags, regram from time to time AND I will be sharing my day to day triumphs and moments of weakness over on instagram in somewhat a "Micro bloggling" way. We could motivate eachother.

Wish me luck !!

~Image credit: World tour stories~


  1. Sounds awesome and good luck!

    1. Thanks Clauds I need and appreciate it hehe xo

  2. I've been trying to stay away from sweets and coffee this week and I must say I feel a lot more energized. Thanx for the tips. :)

    1. Its crazy how just tiny adjustments make the body feel amazing. Keep on the good work :)

  3. Go for it! Happier and Healthier all the way!

  4. Good luck - will be watching your progress xxx

  5. Yes please do. Your instagram is totally keeping me inspired xo

  6. Good luck, I'll be joining you soon :) Love this idea x


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