Why Women Invest in Shoes

People call me a shoe addict,I love shoes, I often plan outfits around shoes, but, in my defence shoes can last many many years and outfit's get a boost of va va voom when you pair it with the right shoe.

To prove my point here is three ways to wear one pair of velvet peep toe heels,for every occasion :)

Date night with the boo:

  •  basic sexy t 
  • skinny leg pants
  • messenger bag
  • the black peep toe heels in question

Cocktail party

  • LBD (every women should own one)
  • black clutch
  • peep toe heels in question
Drinks / shopping with the friends
  • printed black graphic t
  • aviator sunnies
  • cut off shorts (these I did myself and I cant live without them)
  • peep toe heels in question

There you have it 1 pair of heels, 3 outfits ,and this people(loved ones who constantly question me) is why I own so many shoes.

quick question... are you a shoe, handbag or clothes kinda person? 


  1. Hi,

    Great blog Megs!

    I'm sooo a shoe gal also own a cupboard full of shoes and still feel I need more shoes lol...

  2. Hello honey :)

    Im addicted to shoes too, they just make me so happy.


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