New Blog is up and running, YAY!!!

This is just a quick note!!!

Firstly hi to all my awesome readers,friends and family ... the last few days without you as I set up home on Blogger has been daunting to say the least as in general i'm o.c.d. .. Thank you so much for the patience and support.

To the new readers Hi i'm Meghan enjoy my blog posts and I look forward to us getting better acquainted, my last blog was on Wordpress and i'v recently made the move to Blogspot ,Its a whole different set up here but I'm glad to be here.

I've been looking through my blog tons of time to make sure links etc are working and that the converter I used didn't shake things up to severely ,but if I missed something and something isn't right or you having a problem don't hesitate to let me know whether via comment or email. The one thing I did notice is sometimes when I add the read more here (more tag) it sometimes gives an error , so for now I will leave full posts on my blog front page etc until I see an improvement ...

Thank you for taking the time to read this little note.

I'll be back with some posts in a few :) so come back soon



p.s. How are you ? has the week been treating you well?

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