FOOD bucket list

I adore the kitchen & all things food related baking ,cooking ,eating and so what better way than to list everything I want to try and the food I want to try. Now here's the twist because I know from experience not everything you try tastes or turns out how you want it so here within this page will lie my victories ,my miss fires, the food I thought would taste better and the food that tasted amazing. The list will grow but hopefully my waistline wont !

Food / Baked goods I want to try making: 
  1. Perfect Croissant
  2. Papo Secos ( Portuguese rolls) DONE :19/02/13
  3. Dim Sum
  4. Polish Pierogi
  5. Tortellini in broth
  6. Dinner Rolls/buns DONE :22/02/13
  7. Challah bread
  8. Cinnamon Rolls
  9. Bagels
  10. Soda Bread
  11. Macaroons
  12. Baked Cheese cake
  13. Cheese Straws DONE : 21/05/13
  14. Choc Filled Crescent Rolls DONE : 05/03/13
  15. Hummus
  16. Pesto
  17. Chile
  18. Butter chicken 
  19. Cranberry and Pistachio Cookies
  20. Red Velvet cupcakes
  21. Chocolate brownies
  22. Buffalo wings
  23. Butter milk panna cotta
  24. Burrito's
  25. Marinara Sauce
  26. Strawberry Mousse cake
  27. Creamy cheddar polenta
  28. Chicken Alfredo pizza
  29. Chicken with spinach & parmigiana
  30. Boston cream cupcakes 
  31. Garlic cheesy bread
  32. Pionona de crema
  33. Make my own chocolate sauce 

Food I have tasted: (as you can see i'm not very adventurous but i'm going to try to be )

  1. Springbok Carpaccio Loved it 
  2. Escargot (snails) : the taste was a bit like mushrooms but I guess knowing you eating snails just got the best of me. 
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