Some new reading before I head back to the City of gold.

Boy oh boy what an exciting day today is for me... wondering why are you? I'm heading to my beautiful country and city Johannesburg, South Africa where my loved ones are waiting to see me after 2 months away. I'm extremely excited to see my family and friends you guys, like elated!!!

The thing with life is it always takes such dramatic changes to open your eyes to all the good you have going on. Trust me I am sure I will miss Uganda while home, the solitude will be one of those things because Johannesburg is anything but solitude but my word I missed the crazy City of gold. But with all the silence around here and my last challenge to all of you guys and myself like I said in Monday's post I just had to post before heading on my journey home.I am totally trying to practice what I preach here people

With that being said positive intentions go hand in hand with gratitude and I totally want to give a huge heartfelt thank you to my new familia and friends in Uganda.. with the biggest thank you definitely going to Pedro who I am already missing even though he is 3 minutes away and right here, you know what I mean. Thanks for dealing with my fomo, mood swings and everything else. You are epic.

Anyway this will be my final ramblings but i'm sure you can personally relate. I'm just seeing how different last year this time was to my day today, my life today. I mean I am still sitting here really thinking who would've thought I'd be in Uganda. How life truly changes reminds me how anything is possible. 

Here's some midweek reading for you guys to keep you company while I pack to travel home.


  1. Great post
    Have a nice day

  2. Never thought to connec gifts and zodiac signs - will check it out ;)
    🎄 🎅 ⛄️ Happy holidays! :)



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