The greatest 2015 lesson I have learned, and my challenge to you...

One major lesson I have learned this 2015 is have tons and tons of fun in every aspect of life and when its not fun its time to make some changes, do you agree?

When I sit back and ponder on the highs of my 2015 and where the lows were I totally see a pattern of accepting terrible situations as part of what should be "normal". When in reality the normal part of our life should be a daily sensation of bliss. There is not more to life than having fun, yip I said it. Work, love all that doesn't really bring it unless its legit 80% good ol fun.

Whether you apply this to working out, your job (which btw if you think about it you spend the majority of the your lifetime doing) should be more joy than painfulness. The crazy thing is I realized this while sitting in solitude in Uganda. I kept thinking I just want to be blissfully happy in all aspects of my life. I surely don't mind the hard times and I know I am very capable to handle whatever life sends my way but... and I mean capital letters BUT I will not think that's the normal. 

Blissfully happy people is the adventure, journey and destination I desire for my life... sounds all dreamy but if you browse around the web long enough you will read and see many astounding life changes happening in peoples lives. The ones who believe life is meant to be enjoyed. They on Instagram, on Facebook, motivational speakers.  They have chosen to live in bliss and to expect bliss.

Kinda on the same note I challenged my followers over on instagram to do one final thing that is doable on their 2015 goals they made last year or the beginning of this year. I mean seriously how good does completing any goal feel? is there any high quite like that?! One goal of mine was living with positive intentions, basically manifesting some epicness into my life and I plan on doing that this next 16 days.

So this is my challenge for you my gorgeous readers, make it  major goal to achieve one goal before the clock strikes 12 and brings in a new year with new goals. Don't do it for me, this one is all about you feeling thrilled with how you ending 2015.

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  1. I agree with the major lesson you learned last year! I realized that whining and basically complaining about one thing will not changing. You have to - wait for it - actually do change! Ta da! That's all. I started to walk the walk rather than talking the talk. That's something I try to incorporate to my everyday life. :)

    Love, Richel. | Richel Goes Places


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