Midweek reading

It has been a pretty decent week so far, things seem to be coming along quite nicely, fun boat trip, fun and delicious dinner cooked by Jorge and tons of dancing. I will admit I have been soooooo homesick but finally its more of a missing the family sick which is pretty normal right?. Plus you guys know I am so tight with the family. 

Another thing I have been seriously missing is our food, South Africans can cook like pro's! But I will say on that note I have finally started cooking, if your saw my instagram account I was thrilled. Nothing like a home cooked meal I tell you. But before this seriously gets into a long post about food lets get into some midweek reading.

  • Can we talk about how good malva pudding is, home made or even fruit and veges one. Seriously need to whip up some.(simply-delicious-food.com)
  • DIY gifts that don't suck??? sign me up. With the holiday season coming up its always good to have some options because we all know January is one loooooong month. (stylecaster.com)
  • Ever wondered what is the 411 on being an entrepreneur?
  • I am so obsessed with the Scandinavian home decor looks these days and I mean really its gorgeous.(dreambookdesign.com)

Hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I did, let me know what is your latest design inspiration.

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