One sure way to increase blog traffic!

Increase blog traffic in one easy step. SEO. Why you should be naming your images.

If you new to blogging or even a pro blogger  sometimes we tend to overlook minor details, like naming our images. But seriously I have to tell you by just naming my images correctly my traffic has increased and we all know that is pretty important if you serious about your blog. It really is a numbers game. I mean the reality is you spend tons of time creating content and it deserves to be enjoyed. So here is my one sure way to increase your blog traffic and it only takes two minutes to do. 

Naming your images!!! Yip that's it. So why is it so important to me?

  1. It helps with SEO (search engine optimization). If your image is named "best drugstore bronzer for under $3", anytime someone searches for a drugstore bronzer for under $3 your post might be seen.
  2. Have control over what description it shows when someone pins your post;). Yes it can be changed but most people don't want to describe their latest pins every single time they pin it.

How to do it:
Increase blog traffic in one easy step. SEO tips.Why you should be naming your images.

How easy was that? what is one of your tips that you feel all bloggers should be doing to increase traffic? 


  1. Excellent advice Meghan! I definitely do this.

  2. great advices...

  3. I love this tip too! Your blog is gorgeous by the way, I love the design :)

    Kirstie |

  4. Thanks for this tip, Meghan! I probably try it in my next blog entry.

    - Tricia Willa | Eccentric Earthling


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