Midweek reading & Chit chat

Midweek reading | 4 basic braids, yoga to perk up your boobs, best plants to grow indoors and amazing 1 pot coq au vin

This week has been going pretty well, smooth sailing. Hope you having a good one. At every spare second I've had I have been juggling working out and whipping up some healthy alternatives to my favorite meals. 

One thing I have noticed is working out early is what works for me, nothing later than 12 or I end up just not working out. Anyone else like that too?. I guess we have to figure out what works for you. Also on a wellness and health topic have you ever noticed that making the healthier alternatives are like literally a fraction of the store cost, I mean what is up with that??.

Another amazing mid week factor is NO POWER OUTAGES in 3 days and even if the power goes out tomorrow, its still 50% less because we literally have power outages every day if the week. So whatever Eskom is doing please keep up the good work.

But before I seriously go off into rambling mayhem lets get into the mid week reading:

How is your week going ?


  1. I'm so not creative when it comes to my hair lol! I love all of the braid ideas! Thank you for sharing and thanks for the love on my blog girl! :)

    1. Girl you know I am obsessed with your blog, heading over there now ;)

  2. My weeks are awful! I have final exams and every single day I study from morning to night! Interesting post and thanks for sharing!

    1. Sorry to hear that hun, wish you tons of luck with the finals.


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