Midweek Reading | 05.02.2015

The week is nearly over and its nearly my brothers birthday which means fun weekend in store. I hope this one has been amazing for you. I must say this week has been pretty pleasant. Girls over, closing major work deals, pool fun and more... you can always see all the behind the blog Meghan activity on my personal instagram account @MeghanSSilva. I know my midweek reading posts usually get posted on Wednesday but I guess today is midweek too right? As you can see I have 6 awesome links for you guys. 

Hope you enjoy!

  1. I love making my guests feel amazing when staying over in my previous home my guest bedroom and bathroom was super serene and I want that kind of feel in every home. This post got me filled to the brim with many ideas of how to get that amazing Spa feel in any guest bathroom. Who doesnt enjoy a good Spa moment????(everydayhomeblog.com)
  2. Any woman who has ever lived with a guy and loves the colour pink knows the struggle is real! The only way while living with someone was by flowers and after a while you just crave more hints of pink. Then I saw a post on 15 creative ways to add pink to your home and I just knew next time there will be pink in my horizon. (sugarandcharm.com)
  3. Are you a cleanse person? I know I have tried many times and I have always been confused on the rules.. so I searched for a post this week on rules about cleansing. Read more here. (beautyhigh.com)
  4. I am so over ponytails and buns when my hair is a few days into a blowout, finding this post on 8 hairstyles to try when your hair is not extremely clean just made my week. (byrdie.com)
  5. Got a good one for my tattoo fans out there, need inspiration for your next work of art check out the coolest models tattoos ever. (whowhatwear.com)
  6. Healthy recipes? I need some new options this post has 40 creative healthy recipe Ideas love, love, love!!!! (sharedappetite.com)

Sending you love and hugs on this beautiful day 


  1. Thanks for sharing these amazing links! Especially liked the post about the coolest model tattoos! Happy day, pretty!

  2. Really really nice links - thank you!
    I found myself wishing I had a guest room so that I could make it all homey for someone! ;-p

    Love Chantelle

  3. Great suggestions, thanks for sharing! xo

  4. I love the suggestions! I love the healthy recipes post <3
    Sensitive Epidermis | Rainbow

  5. Great suggestions!! Loved the post!!


  6. Lovely post, great ideas!!


  7. nice photos, I love your blog, I wait for mine! follow me and follow you back !!! thanks

  8. This is amazing! Definitely just read all of those posts, love the hairstyles for a chic do on a day I don't have time to wash it :)

    Lo at Notebook 54 xx


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