Midweek reading

Oh ladies!!!! If I could tell you about this week you'd be sitting like my girls scratching their heads saying "oh my word, what the f..!!" and "dude!!!". But I will spare you the details and keep this little space of mine all pretty and delightful (no sarcasm intended). This space is like that perfect all white bedroom us ladies need, want and pride ourselves in. On a total different topic have you ever hit the gym so hard your bum pained for days? no? just me?. This week I have some fun links to share. Cookie butter anyone?. 

Hope you enjoy!!

  • So looking to pass time? here's a goodie which celebrity home is totally perfect for you? (Domainhome.com)
  • One thing I struggle with is keeping my diet clean, reading these tips on what healthy food to eat after a workout is bookmarked. I mean whats the point of working out if I am eating it all up in a few hours. (Laurenconrad.com)
  • I know I know totally hypocritical of me to even mention these one after the other! but come on people making your own cookie butter??? get all the details here. (abeautifulmess.com)
  • The struggle is real ladies, being a morning person has been hard this year. I will be trying this morning yoga routine to wake my body up. Join me? (mindbodygreen.com)

So I gotta know which celebrity home would be yours?


  1. Oh man, hope your week gets better!!! I'm all about some cookie butter!!

    pumps and push-ups

  2. Great reads - I'm excited to check them out as a little break from work! I hope the rest of your week goes well!


  3. I'm thinking about going back to yoga just looking for a class I'm really comfortable in :) Great links Meg x


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