Motivation | learning more about self love brings me joy!

With so much going on in the world and how our generation is obsessed with outer appearances, I have made it an actual ritual in my life to keep learning and reading. Whether about staying grounded or just self love. It strikes a cord within me.

Everything about self love brings me enthusiasm. The ability to respect thyself without hesitation. Finding joy in solitude, standing up for yourself when you don't agree. Choosing who you let into your inner circle and nurturing those valuable relationships, because you value who gets your time. These are just a few that come to mind. Bart has a saying which as he recalled he learned from his dad "your freedom ends when another persons freedom begins.", which funny enough often works against him because when I feel my freedom is being invaded I voice it. Remember my post about us being polar opposites? well... what his freedom is, often invades my freedom and vice versa.
If you love pink don't hide it just because it might come across as too girly. If you enjoy a beer over wine, drink that. If you want to spend your Friday night in with a hair mask on and a glass of wine, make that your precious ritual. If you feel ill treated by anyone don't just accept it and say okay, that's fine. Start protecting and respecting the fact that you, yes you... deserve peace and anyone who brings you nothing but toxicity has no authority to disturb it. That's the beauty of loving and respecting yourself, its all about eliminating the stress and things you actually don't want and starting to respect yourself enough that you start doing what actually brings you joy, both long term and short term. 

Tweet: This journey is never ending, but it should be something that excites you, finding out who you are. What do you stand for. What do you truly love?. Get to know thyself.-Meghan Silva

I will end this post by sharing some of my favorite self love & growth posts which I have read and thoroughly enjoyed as well as a few of my own which new readers might enjoy. I really hope you enjoyed this motivational post and start applying it to your everyday life and begin living a life that brings you joy.

Till next time. Have a gorgeous start to the week! 

"...what I have learned is that the only person we will ever have the opportunity to truly understand is ourselves, yet ironically, in today’s world we are so busy trying to figure out what everyone else wants, desires and expects that we run out of time when we finally are able to turn and examine exactly who we are when in actuality, it should be the other way around. " - Shannon Ables (The simply luxurious life) 

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  1. Life is way to short to do or say things just to suit others. The moment I stopped always worrying about if others would approve or accept my choices is the moment my life became mine.

  2. Powerful post Meghan. You are so inspiring. xo

  3. lovely! No one is more capable of making you happy than your OWN self <3
    I have a new look on my blog; come visit!
    Kisses from Miami,

  4. We live not to please others. We live for us, for ourselves. You're def right! being selfish is important sometimes, we need to think about ourselves too instead of thinking about the society's expectations!


  5. you express this so nicely...and it's true.. I live by that too, I just explain it as "fuck the rest" ha.. but it's the same thing right?... who cares what they say, I'm doing my thing if it makes ME happy and fuck the rest... nice final quote..nice thoughts here..


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