Weekend Reading

While I'm totally indulging in some Durban fun, I hope you have had a marvelous week ( yip I said marvelous). If you haven't be sure to turn your week around right this second by just focusing on something that went right. I tell you the mind is really a powerful tool, so use it to your advantage.

Here are some fun reads for you guys ;) ENJOY.

  • So i'll be completely honest the reason for a lack of healthy posts is I have been slacking majorly in that department. But slowly I have been trying to get back on track which means finding a decent detox, like this one. 
  • Found something perfect for those empty wine bottles laying around. Check out this solution if you a winer/winee lol like me.
  • Christmas is around the corner which means the licence to indulge in desserts! So why not try this coffee panna cotta recipe, remember me trying my hand at making panna cotta? if not read all about it here.
  • I really am obsessed with the aroma of rosemary so this olive and rosemary bread recipe is on my to do list.
  • Have tons of forks laying around? well why not try these awesome DIY's from frame supports to hooks trust me you will want to check this out.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks weekend reading post. Let me know which link grabbed your attention.
Have a great weekend.

~Image credit: Cupcakes and cashmere~


  1. Hope you have a great weekend, doll! Great reading rec's! :)


  2. Thanks for the Christmas desserts recipes!! Yummy

  3. Love the wine bottles - I'm sure everyone will have a few extras lying around over the next few weeks :)

  4. The fork DIY is cool, something unique. Just need creative mind and nothing is impossible


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