Licence to indulge

Have you ever noticed how guilty one feels if you indulge in something that brings you joy, yet if we communicate our desires its always "I want to live a happy life". Happiness is doing something that brings us joy and we all are so unique that our happiness can never be compared or measured. We can search for happiness, have people who seem filled with happiness who we admire. But what I have come to realize for me it isn't the "what" that I desire, I admire their freedom to selfishly, proudly and unapologetic-ally indulge in whatever brings them joy. 
I love wine, series, romantic music that make you wanna cry (happy tears), cute shops like Typo etc. but I have started feeling guilty when indulging in any of the above because I'm often told its wrong or there's better things to do, like watching the news all evening. While I am sure that does bring joy to some and by all means if it brings you joy... indulge, I must be honest the news depresses me severely. I often can't even fall asleep after watching kids being mutilated, women being raped and more strikes happening and hurting our economy as a result. I get the whole stay updated, informed side to it but I'd rather do that in the morning and have a full day to digest it.

With that said I am fully giving me the licence to indulge with not a single guilty feeling. Yes, there might be better things to do but at 5:30pm after being socially connected, sitting behind a computer all day, after cooking, cleaning etc I will fully allow myself to pour me a glass or two of merlot, put on a series that makes me laugh and just have some me time. I hope you will join me in doing whatever you want that brings you absolute joy. Its that simple.

Hope you have a gorgeous day

Sending you love & light.

~image credit: world tour stories~


  1. Hi Meghan! Ohh I can relate with this a lot. I'm a worrier and I feel guilty for everything, I hate that. But you are so right! We should enjoy what make us happy, I'm starting tomorrow. Xo, Elba

  2. Love this post Meg. You are so right. We often get caught up in the what other people deem to be of importance but watching episodes of The Bachelor or Greys Anatomy is important to me - it's time to claim our joy :)
    x nats


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