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I haven't done a DIY link post in a while, so I knew it is about time for me to post some of my favorite DIY's that I have seen and am itching to make/do/try.

  • So for me I personally don't like wallpaper, having my parents wallpaper my bedroom as a young teen scarred me for life, but sometimes I do see wallpaper prints that I adore. So when I saw this DIY using wallpaper as art my attention was captivated.
  • While on holiday in Durban the accommodation we stayed in had this awesome Writing on the wall, with names of various places around South Africa etc. I think it would be awesome to incorporate this kind of design element with positive affirmations or quirky sayings in ones home office or even home.
  • Have a really boring table? well I might have found a simple solution for you, this will help turn your table into something worthy to be in your entry way using this stencil technique.
  • If you are at whits end with your kitchen cabinets but can't quite afford to remodel it here are some tips on how you can create some changes.

So this post had a pretty obvious theme its all about the home. I think a beautiful home really makes the days easier. For me there are 3 parts of a home that are crucial to me: A kitchen that makes you feel like you can bake and cook all day, a bathroom that is neat and has a spa atmosphere and last but not least a bedroom that is clutter free airy and your own piece of heaven. 

What is the most important part of a home for you?

~Image credit: Cupcakes and cashmere~


  1. I would love to be able to have the patience to do some DIY!
    Like I need a pretty earring and necklace holder. :) Now mine are hanging on a wood hanger with nails hit into it. hehe

  2. I agree with you, I'm all about little home improvements especially now that here in SC the days are starting to get a little colder and the urge to snuggle up on the couch is getting stronger. My living room is in need of TLC, it's very bare at the moment but I'm in bit of a rut as to how to add to it without adding clutter. DIY would totally be the way to go, and would get me off the couch too :)

    1. I think this would be the best time for you to experiment on adding nice cozy elements. There's so many easy fun ideas on Pinterest.

  3. Difficult to choose a favourite room but I love to relax in a hot bath with candles. I brought the figuier one back from Paris - gorgeous! A clutter free bedroom is a must too!

  4. Totally going to check out the stencils. Love that necklace by the way!

  5. I don't have a home of my own yet (hopefully one day), but I'm with you...kitchen and bathroom are really important! Also, the outdoors...the backyard....something with a view or a large grassy area;)! I'm a dreamer for sure!

  6. Ooh, love this DIY list! Curious to jazz up an entry table!


  7. Totally agree with you! Great links :)


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