Happy Heritage day!

The craziest thing about being with someone who is not from South Africa, one see's Africa in a whole other light. What I would take for granted or only see as mediocre he see's as amazing like Shisa nyama which honestly I have never tried or even thought of trying. Its kind of like buying meat from a butcher and then just throwing it on an open fire literally next to the butcher, basically an informal braai.
So on this Heritage day I think each one of us South African's should try and learn something new about our country. See things through the eyes of a foreigner. Well I am off to the good food and wine show and I am sure there is bound to be something proudly South African there for me to indulge in, can't wait!

What will you be up too today? and what is one thing that you are super proud of regarding your heritage? I'd love to know.

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  1. I absolutely adore that we are so diverse and for the most part friendly!
    When I was in Ireland recently I spoke to a friend and he is really curious about everything and he asked a lot about things in South Africa which I hadn't even thought was unique to SA but he was fascinated! I think it's great that the things we take for granted are now being highlighted to you :)

    x Nats


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