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Ever found an "amazing" lip gloss but its drying to your lips? I recently had that issue I have a gorgeous pink lippie but I'v noticed my lips getting dryer and dryer so I thought let me create a pretty pink lip balm , now here's the thing my sister believes in Zambuk for her lips and not the chap stick Zambuk I mean the real one in the tub and she is always insisting I use it too but the smell is way to menthol for me , if ya know what I mean , so I googled found some great ideas and came up with a Zambuk infused vanilla smelling pink lip balm that is now my best friend (just kidding Mel you still the bestest bestie ever) , I chose vanilla because who doesn't enjoy the aroma(and taste) of cupcakes and malva puddings etc not that anyone is enjoying my lips right now but heyyyyy you never know .

What you will need :

Cute container
Vanilla extract/essence

Method :

The rule of thumb is this the Zambuk and Vaseline combined must be the same equivalent as the amount of lip gloss you using . Melt the Vaseline and Vaseline in the microwave I did it 30 seconds at a time then once its all melted add the lip gloss and  melt it together again add the vanilla extract/essence follow your nose on this one find your perfect smell I chose vanilla but you can use whatever extract/essence you prefer, place it in your cute container and then into the fridge for 10 minutes and booyah nourishing pretty lip balm.

Have you ever tried something similar? 


  1. How interesting! Never done this before!

  2. What a clever idea- I've never tried this, but you make it look easy! Now I'm scheming up lip gloss names... :)


  3. OMG i am literally addicted to lip balm! I have so many old glosses from when i was young and i NEVER use them. AWESOME DIY!!!


    1. I adore lip balms too i'm like a lip gloss hoarder tho so freaken bad .

  4. What a cool idea! Thank you for this post!

  5. Mmm!!! Great lips!!! Like it!!!
    Angela Donava

  6. I've never tried making my own, but it seems easy enough! Great diy to try soon!

  7. this is so cool! i'd love to try making my own sometime soon!

  8. This is fantastic! I love vanilla and love knowing exactly what's in my beauty products :) Looks so simple too :)

  9. Oh thank you sooo much for this!!! I'm bookmarkign this and going to try it out.

    1. I was wondering though, does it last long with the vanilla extract? Because isn't that a food thing? I'm just worried it would go bad so soon. And I think instead of zumbuk, I'll use my favorite chapstick, add vaseline and then ... lol lipstick? I don't really have any lipgloss.

    2. any chapstick will work and instead of vanilla extract you could use scented oils they work well too and I actually tried it with lipstick it has a better pigment so yes that could work perfectly xo


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