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I don't know about you but nothing is more annoying than clutter and feeling unorganized it throws me right off my game , as you noticed in the previous post I love keeping things clean , fresh , this is totally a post for my fellow OCD friends ,also have to say this which is totally unrelated to the post how cute is Mila ?!

  1. Found this awesome DIY project on how to build your own Sofa table ,perfect for the lounge area .
  2. For small spaces this idea of optimizing your space is brilliant .
  3. Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere done a great post on how she organized her office space.
  4. Need to get your closet under control ? this post will totally help.
  5. One for the bloggers , having an organized blog layout is crucial in my opinion , If I cant find something on a blog easily I don't bother spending a second more , its frustrating and way to time consuming so the last link i'll be adding to this list is one that really will help get organized be sure to give it a read here.
Hope these links help get organized. What is your go to method to keep clutter at bay?


  1. cute doggggg.. lovely
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  2. What a cute dog! Love!!

    Yes had a blast in SF!;)


    Pirate Hart

    1. Thank you hun , glad to hear that .

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    1. she is indeed if I must say so myself .

  4. lovely photo! thanks for sharing all those links

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