Finding inner peace in the concrete jungle

While laying in bed at around 4am, rain pouring outside, in one of my favorite places ... Durban!! I had this thought "I need to focus on getting the best from my body and life". Meaning working out, taking better care of myself and also better care of my inner peace. 

Being back in the place I find more stressful but still somewhere I love because I have a wonderful boyfriend and amazing family here I realized this would be the ultimate challenge. To find the same kind of balance and peace I have when sitting overlooking the ocean, feeling sand between my toes and having many moments of clarity. I have made a list before if you can remember and even though I have done a few things on it, I still feel like my consistency has been sub par. But I do believe the first step is always figuring out what is off balance within.. Which means for the next few weeks I want to try more of the following, to get me balance. If you know what I mean...
  • Daily meditation : as I would do on the beach.. I need to find the same serenity within me wherever I am .
  • Morning or afternoon runs
  • 20 minute yoga twice a week
  • Start my morning without being on the phone : I am barely on my phone when in serene places, but when I am in Jhb I find that the minute I wake up I find myself scrolling through tweets or status updates.
So you might be wondering why I am telling you guys... well I hope this will hold me more accountable. Also having a post glaring back at you saying "see, this was a goal" will hopefully be super effective!

What is one final goal you have for the 2013?


  1. As a list lover I loved the post and went to your other list and loved it too. Infact I could not stop and clicked the food bucket list too. I enjoyed all of them very much. I really appreciate you! My last goal is to finish all half done things till the end of 2013.

  2. I really love this post of you. I would love to do yoga, it seems so relaxing.

  3. I agree with you about grabbing for your phone the minute you wake up, but on holiday not bothering... funny phenomenon that...

    Good luck with the list - good set of goals.

    Cocktails & Memories

  4. Those are some great goals, and I hope they help you find peace! :)

  5. Ah I think I need to follow these guidelines for my break. I find myself immediately scrolling through my phone the minute I wake up and it stresses me out for the day ahead.

  6. After my illnesses, I have been having the same thoughts. Life is too short so I have to make the most of it and do things that makes me laugh and that gives me inner peace. Xx

  7. I hear ya on the phone thing.. first thing I do when I open my eyes is reach for it and start instagramming & twittering. Maybe I should see how I feel MINUS the tele in the mornings too!


  8. I really want to try yoga, to relax and to work out. Good luck, Meghan!

  9. I'm in some serious need of de-stressing too - I'm hoping that starting back running will make a big different to my stress levels. Yoga is great too but I'm hopeless at it :)

  10. I feel like I am reading a lot of women who are wanting to take better care of themselves lately. I feel the same, and for me, I am trying to stay more calm and reduce stress. I have my hands full and have a very difficult time somedays to just let things slide and not get all worked up. So, my main goal is to learn to let go of the small things. ;) It's so hard, but I try my best!
    xx Easy Outfits, by Pip

  11. You're so right Meg, When I'm away from Joburg I also find myself more relaxed and more ok without my phone but when in Joburg I feel like I need it with me at all times... Good luck :) x

  12. great reminders! i'd love to make an effort to have my mornings be phone-free, too. it's the first thing i do when i wake up!

  13. Great post, need to work on the early morning phone habits too. ;)

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