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This is just a short and sweet post , I know how annoying word verification is and I am really trying to find a way that works best for all of us , so (for now) I am dropping the word verification and instead I am using the the OpenID method , where you click on sign in using and then can comment or you can opt for any OpenID , hopefully this works perfectly fine . So lets wait and see , if you have any tips and tricks to avoid spammers please do share , I'm sure we all can benefit from your wise words ;) I have to admit I am having a case of bloggers block , I seem to have just suddenly lost steam might have something to do with thinking way to much or just the train is out of steam haha. I'm sure it will be short lived but its so pretty annoying even in small doses so I will take my own advice and step away from the computer for the rest of the week or sooner if the creative surge comes rushing back. But here is some amazing news to hold onto , I have some awesome products to review and a giveaway coming soon with some AMAZING goodies. Sending you tons of love and light hope this week is an amazing one for you xo

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  1. Really hoping the block lifts, love reading your posts :)
    Try baking something? Maybe that could help?
    Enjoy your time off though!

  2. Enjoy the time out and I'm sure you will be feeling very inspired soon!
    Have a lovely day hun:)

    Lulu x

  3. I've removed captcha, but I review allmy comments,it's easy for readers and for me to remove spam... :)

  4. Good thing on removing the captcha, I personally find it really annoying. And don't worry miss, even the best of us are faced with writer's block at some point! Just give it some time, don't think too much, and the inspiration will come back :-)

  5. I think if I had more visitors spam would be a real issue.
    Blogger auto spammed my spam comments.

    Captcha does annoy me. After commenting on so many blogs during a day, I sometimes skip commenting coz I can't be bothered to squint at my laptop.

    We all block. I usually post a Q&A to at least have something

    Good luck!

  6. Yay! I hate captcha! I much prefer reading and commenting on blogs that don't have it. So I'm happy you've taken it away! :)

    I'm sure that the moment you tell yourself its ok that you don't have anything to write about you'll think of something straight away. It's easy to forget sometimes when we're blogging about life and lifestyle etc that we have to take the time to live and enjoy ourselves without thinking about the blog - otherwise how will we ever find fresh and interesting ideas. Allow yourself a complete break - no blogs and no pressure and you'll get your mojo back :)


  7. hey meghan! it happens to the best of us doll. take the time you need. i can't wait to read your reviews doll. don't you hate the spammers? i changed mine around, but i think it dealt with not accepting anonymous commenters. i still get spam though. i don't think my readers have to do captcha.

  8. See you when you get your mojo back meghan! I totally know what you mean with blogger's block.


  9. I rarely get much spam that gets through. Blogger does a pretty good job of flagging them into your Spam folder.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  10. Hope you get past bloggers block!

  11. Hey Girl! I agree with Yi-Chia...don't have too much of a problem with spammers. Wish I had tips for you:/! Looking forward to the exciting goodies and new posts from you:)! I know you'll be back in no time! P.S. Don't over think it:)!

  12. Smart choice chica! I never had a prob with spammers on blogger if that makes you feel better! P.S. Coolest photo!

  13. It's okay to have writer's block. YOu are awesome and I hate word verification so much because I have a toddler and it is hard enough trying to remain in contact with everyone through comments, let alone try to figure out what words to type in a box I can hardly read and then get it wrong and do it again just to leave a comment! Sorry for venting, but I just delete the spam comments permanently and leave it at that and eventually I just don't see them much. This is much easier, so please please keep the commenting like this! It is so much easier! xx Pip

    Easy Outfits by Pip

  14. Don't worry girl. Just take a mini vacation from the blogging life.

    Or you could carry a pocket size notepad and when you are out having a good time, suddenly if something pops up just write it down


  15. The best thing I've ever found to combat spam is just to eliminate anonymous comments... word verification is more likely to deter people who actually have blogs and want to share their thoughts. Personally, it's one of my pet peeves, although I do still leave comments for people who have it :)

    As for blogger's block, it happens to us all, especially in the summer... just take a little time to enjoy life and come back when you feel refreshed.

  16. Enjoy a little time out. I took away word verification quite a while ago on the advice of an experienced blogger. Have a great weekend!

  17. Taking a break always helps me get my blogging mojo back so I hope it's fruitful for you too! I have so many posts to write but I always stare at the blank screen and don't know where to start so I'm hoping this time if I plough through it will be fine! xx

  18. Yay! No more verification! xx


  19. I'm sure everything will be fine without the word verification! I got rid of it several months ago and haven't had any problems so far.
    And don't worry about your writer's block...just give yourself a little break and ideas will come to you naturally :)


  20. I must say, I kept reading posts by a whole lot of different bloggers who said remove the word verification.... so I also have but I reserved approval before comments are published and so far it's working..? Let us know if you're getting spammed because that's super annoying

    x Natalie

  21. Sending a writer's block blast your way, doll! Hope you break through it soon. :)



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