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Hi guys :) so the bloggers block hasn't quite vanished but I just couldn't handle not blogging for one more week and after receiving pretty amazing advice from the ever so sweet and beautiful Meg Hartwig I decided she is totally right and I need to jump back in, so I figured since we all go through bloggers block at one point or another in our blogging journey , I just knew I had to share a  snippet of her amazing advice and motivation .

"Write. Write when it hurts. Write when it feels good. Write when you want to. Write when you don’t. Write when you have a direction. Write when you have no idea where it’s going. Write when you want everyone to see. Write when you want to keep it to yourself. Above all, write for you." 

I mean how true is that, never forget the reason why you started to blog, why you decided to share some part of who you are with the world. With that said I have to admit the break was super refreshing, these last 7 days I managed to ...

  • Start a love hate relationship with my hair , love that I am finally growing out my hair, hate the current colour!
  • Get sunburn , yes in the heart of Jozi winter I am currently as I type this as red as a tomato !
  • rekindled my flame with green tea ;)
  • Tried a new vegetable called Witloof which is a vege from Belgium , I haven't ever seen it around South Africa , have you?
  • Get totally pampered ,guys I have something amazing in store for you... perhaps a giveaway ? *hint hint* 

Thank you to all of you who commented , emailed and visited my blog even though I wasn't posting anything new , you guys are the best. So tell me how have you been ? highlight of your week so far?

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  1. Hi Meghan! It's so great to have you back :) Really missed your posts.
    The highlight (and still is) is the fact that I won a free ticket to attend a fashion show tomorrow night, I've never won anything before so I'm feeling pretty darn awesome! And I'm going shopping for an outfit (obviously).
    Hope you have a wonderful day and keep writing!

  2. I know how you feel... But I tend to find a bit of inspiration in everyday life and also my eternal source - PINTEREST :)
    Hope you have a great day!!!!

  3. Welcome back miss!
    Missed your daily musings too!
    Highlight of my week has been the atmosphere in London with the birth of the royal baby;)

  4. Hey Meg, I am so glad you are back and blogging again...I missed reading your posts!!! I am so glad my advice and motivation helped you:) Highlight of my week so far was having my Family together over the past weekend to celebrate my Dad's birthday! Keep up the awesome work you are doing! Lots of hugs xxxx

  5. Welcome back - I totally agree with what you were going through. Highlight of my week was buying my new camera and taking a zillion picks of my kitties :) xx

  6. Love the quotes,mi actually loved reading this post. Amazing keep doing whatnyoubare doing.mimlove your blog.

  7. Welcome back, missed you!
    My week has been work work work and I injured my knee so been grumpy too. But I have Friday off and cannot wait!

  8. Meghan, I'm so happy you're back doll. I miss reading your posts. Sometimes I think we as bloggers think too hard. HAHAHA Topics can be about the most simplest of things. I was watching the events dealing with the royal baby and was curious about how women around the world dealt with maternity so i just started writing. Thanks for your insight. Topics will come to you. Don't worry. Ohhh nooo! I had sunburn once and it was no fun. On my face too! i peeled! ugggh Hope you heal quickly doll. Use aloe.

  9. YAY you're back!! Gah I have been reading articles nonstop on how to stay motivated when writing. Staring at a screen with a blinking cursor has become my new hobby. And I totally understand the love hate hair relationship that always happens when growing it out.


  10. I agree with this. Love this honest post Meghan... xoxo

  11. Welcome back! A little break from blogging can always feel refreshing!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  12. i have bloggers block all the time. i'm contemplating to change my blog to a wordless blog for good. hahaha. i love green tea (japanese matcha) and i drink it everyday. apparently it's anti-aging and helps to burn fats! what's not to like :D :D :D i have witloof in my salad once in a while but i didn't know it's called witloof till now. i guess we learn something new everyday :)

  13. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I just had a facial and massage, after all the stress needed to relax big time.

    never heard of but looks pretty (i eat with my eyes, so anything that is pretty and appealing works for me). The weather has been out of control over here as well bu the last two days it's been raining so it's ok.

    Just keep writing no matter what the situation.

  14. What a beautiful and thoughtful post. Welcome back. xo.

  15. I loved the writing advice. So inspiring. Your blog always makes me feel good so keep it up Meghan. (The pressure!) Xxx

  16. Hi dear!

    Glad you're back!

    That annoying problems you faced with the blog! But do not be discouraged huh? A break is good, but writing in our little corner also makes it?

    Kisses Kika / Blog Acessarte

  17. Pleased to see you back. I think it's often when you are not trying too hard that a topic suddenly comes to you. Lovely writing paper in the photo!

  18. im so happy you are out of your bloggers block, we all go thru it and im really loving the advice. Thanks for sharing I could use it aswell!

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  19. I think it's totally normal to get writers block ... Inspiration comes from everything and anything, so look around - indulge and engage all 5 senses, even your 6th ;-)

  20. Omg, I also have a sunburn and have such a love/hate relationship with my hair! LOL! I have been on vacation and was very happy to hear from you sweetie! Have a great weekend! xx Pip

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  21. HI Meghan! So glad you are back to posting, I can relate to the feelings...thanks for the words of wisdom/inspo.

  22. Good to have ya back! Being from Belgium I sure know witloof! I hate it though, both raw and cookes, woops :-)

  23. i keep little notebooks everywhere to jot down ideas for future blog posts. i'd forget them otherwise!
    Stop by for a Mason Pearson hairbrush giveaway!

  24. It's good that you're back blogging... I missed reading your posts :)

    x Natalie

  25. I haven't had green tea in ages, I used to drink it all the time!
    A giveaway, sounds exciting!
    I hope you enjoyed your break :)

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