Navigating Valentines Day

Now before we get into the good stuff let me warn those who complain about valentines day , this post is NOT for you , yes I've heard a million reasons why the day of love should be everyday, but, realistically we both know that isn't reality . So my theory on the matter is why not celebrate it in an amazing way on one day , since you might have been neglecting to really bring out the romance as of late. If your complaint is its a money making scheme well yes it perhaps is, but , I can list many other things that consist of spending cash, think of it as an extra special date night.

Valentines day is a day you can freely be cheesy and single people can have an excuse to ask the person they been admiring out on a 'special date' people in committed relationships can make it the perfect time to bring on the zsa zsa zsu .

Here are some suggestions :

The adventure outdoors loving couple : this is the perfect time to sneak away from the new year and go camping with your loved one those who co-habitat might have had a stressful time with the in laws and friends and just need some alone time, star light ,nature , silence and just the two of you is bound to heat things up.

The Jones couple: Since you live to set a new bar in life why not set a new bar on  Valentines day, go to some place that insist on black tie attire where champagne flows and the pictures of your memorable eve will make your friends say I wish my babe took me there. Do something OTT.

Single person with a crush : now is the ideal time to say Will you be my valentine to that special person do something that says hey finally notice me and see what it will be like to be my special lady/man. A well planned picnic is often a good option.

The newly dating couple : this is your first valentines day together don't be caught unprepared, you wouldn't want the relationship to simmer instead of sizzle before its even had a chance , think date night with a twist. Think dinner ,wine and make sure to dress up a little bit like you did on date 1 and throw in something more, something you've learnt about your partner in the time together.

if you need some background music for the night click here for my suggestions and for more on romance click here

*Now I'm no relationship guru just a romantic at heart sharing my life lessons.


  1. We most likely will celebrate either before or after depending on my husband's schedule. We may not be cheesy but we have our moments. Thank you for sharing this.


  2. Lovely post! I totally agree everyone should just celebrate it!

  3. Any of these sound good! I did a post on how to dress your man for date night. I think it would work for all these except the out doors : o

    Ali of

  4. @FabulousPetite love that , it doesn't have to be cheesy just special moments, thanks for the comment.

    @Marija glad we agree , its such an awesome day. thank you for the comment

    @Ali ooh awesome , I look forward to checking your post out.Thank you for commenting

    @&prettythings thanks for the lovely comment

  5. Love this,babe!


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