Magical Monday

This weekend was a very good weekend , spent time with family and a new friend , spent my Saturday with my grans and parents and just got to unwind. Loved it.

Special Moments&things I adore in my life that make me feel very happy in no particular order..

  1. Family time , my grans are very comical ladies , every moment with them is great
  2. Receiving gifts just because ...
  3. Sunshine combined with a light cool breeze
  4. Coffee in the morning
  5. Freshly manicured nails
  6. That moment when you just exploding with creative ideas
  7. Having that crazy moment where you dancing(at home) with all your cousins,siblings and friends, just because you want to do that and you in the mood to party.
  8. A great party song to boost my Monday from lazy >>>>>>>>>explosion of energy 
  9. Toast with cheese, mushrooms & balsamic vinegar hmmmm yum
  10. Bright Rooms that say hey wake up its Monday(hate dark spaces)

What makes your day amazing? any feel good food?song?fashion item?space in your home?


  1. My day is amazing when I wake up with a hot coffee! Lovely list. If you get a chance, id love for you to stop by my blog!
    xo Dina
    Sweetest Somethings

  2. So many great things that makes your day amazing! I love a great cup of tea to start the morning and being with family and of course working on my blog!


  3. For me I think it's starting my day positively by going to the gym and keeping my home organized! Clutter and messiness drives me crazy.

    xx - Vee

  4. @Rebecca ye working on ones blog is quite a good feeling!That's a great list of things to be happy for.

    @Vee clutter drives me bonkers too.. cannot deal.. love your list of feel good things.

  5. Love this! I agree on the coffee!


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