Saturday Six

I feel like the year has finally started ,the new goals are in place and they so different from any other previous years goals ,that they somewhat scare me,but,the best part is seeing loved ones after what feels like forever. I hope everyone is feeling the same and I do hope you are just as enthusiastic about the new year. Here is my six favorite things this week. Hope all you amazing readers have a beautiful weekend. Do something different today!
Inlove with all things in the grey family ,might be the rain that has me feeling grey grey grey <3

There's always that one book you read over and over, for me this is it.

My bonsai , a special gift from my amazing bestie... p.s. my bonsai's name is  Cassie

I'm addicted to this new addition to my perfume collection.

I don't have a huge sweet tooth , however I couldn't resist these lovely treats.
These statement heels SCREAM lets go for cocktails with your fabulous girls.


  1. i am not a morning person .. i generally eat what ever i feel for..some times it is the the heatlhy option ,but i cant help it i want what i want!!but i need to change my increasing "jelly"is creeping up slowly!!!!!!(screams)

  2. At first it seems hard but eventually it will become second nature , you'll see :)

    Thank you for the comment xo


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