How to keep your friendships alive

Let me start this post by introducing you to my best friend Melissa.. a remarkable human being... our friendship has survived and flourished for 2 decades we've gone through break ups , moving cities , disagreeing over bf choices, birthdays , Halloween parties, school concerts and so so so much more we survived it ALL... and because of this friendship I have learned the true meaning of friendship. Now let me just add that I have an amazing circle of friends , friends who I cannot thank God enough for bringing these gems into my world ... I am a really blessed lady!

In the same breath I have noticed these days friendships don't last ... people often think friendship is a one way road, and , because of that fact I have sadly cut off a lot of friendships.

So I feel its my duty to explain how to maintain a friendship, so it too can survive 2 decades like Mel& I.

Time: friendship just like dating,now without you thinking weird thoughts what I mean is it takes putting in time... life gets hectic but its not that hectic to pick up the phone or pop over to your mate for a visit... now I know many people are sitting there starting to play the blame game, but when last did you make time for your friend???

Agree to disagree : Mel & I have recently disagreed on something major ... did it end our friendship ?nope... we agreed to disagree because as with everything accepting and respecting someones choices and opinions is crucial.

Get to know each other outside of how your'll met: I have no time for people who only know me at certain times... if you not messaging me while things are going "good"and only when you had a break up cash issues or need contacts ... we will not be friends for long,friendship includes taking an interest in someones life... if you want it to be all about you go to the mirror and build a friendship with yourself.

Keep your friend informed : friendship is mean't to be a safe haven and if you cant open up to your closest mate about life ,then reevaluate your friendship. Yes its very scary to open up and trust someone,but if the friendship is genuine,your secrets should be safe and if they not secrets and just general information like hey I got a promotion you should feel safe to mention it and have someone to celebrate awesome news with.

Honesty: friendship should be based on honesty ,now i'm not saying every detail of your life should be discussed but if you feel a certain way be honest, if you feel your friendship is being neglected or you don't like the bf or whatever else speak now or forever hold your peace ,don't keep quiet to your bestie and scandal behind his/her back.

Those are just a few ways to keep your friendship alive... if I had to post them all this would be a very very very long post. I've ended many friendships and in my years on this wonderful earth I've learned (sometimes in the hard ,tears rolling betrayal route) that not all friendships last forever, but when they do ... its amazing to have a bond with someone who is a call away to laugh cry and celebrate mile stones with.

If you've been neglecting a friendship, change starts with one action... it takes one message one call one visit too just remind that certain friend that you have not forgotten about them.. if you feel they worth it.

Do you have an awesome friendship in your life ... ? I would love to hear about it...


  1. Awww Bestie..tons of hugs and kisses.. "It's what each of us sows, and how, that gives to us character and prestige. Seeds of kindness, goodwill, and human understanding, planted in fertile soil, spring up into deathless friendships, big deeds of worth, and a memory that will not soon fade. . . .
    George Matthew Adams"

  2. So very true bestie ... love ya tons


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