Child pose for soothing anxiety

I have been a long time anxiety sufferer. Anyone who has ever had anxiety or panic attacks know it feels like you about to die. Like not in a dramatic way, I mean it actually feels like you are suffocating to death. This is just a simple thing I do when I notice a panic attack approaching, its so soothing and pretty much always works. The simple yoga pose called child pose. The way I find it helps is starting with the basic child pose, cradling over your knees and slowly stretching forward. I find it opens my lungs and encourages me to breath deeply. Which is the main struggle for me when a panic attack arises.

I hope this short and sweet tip can help someone who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks. Because I know just how badly it sucks.


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  2. What a great way to cope with anxiety! I have always loved doing yoga, even though it was so challenging at first to quiet my mind. I made a blog post on other ways that I cope with anxiety. I would love for you to check it out at Thank you!


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