Elevate your living space with some greenery!

I remember traveling through Belgium a few years ago and staying at the most awesome little AirBNB, the place was not huge but it had such a gorgeous vibe to it. Picture an all white bedroom, airy view of the city and tons of greenery. Holiday heaven!!! the touches of greenery changed the entire ambiance of the place. It added freshness and colour to an otherwise plain space. 

But what happens if you don't have green fingers? or perhaps you just a busy person who cannot keep greenery alive. This is where artificial plants can some in and save the day. However way to often the artificial plants look so fake the whole world will know they not real. For this exact reason I am happy to be teaming up with Silk Plants direct . They have the most awesome variety of silk plants that look like the real deal. 

There is so many advantages of incorporating artificial plants into your life especially if you a busy person who loves the look of greenery but not the labor involved in maintaining indoor or outdoor greenery. 

Let me list just a few reasons this is such a great solution for your greenery needs:

         Ideal for all weather conditions

No specific weather conditions or climate is required by the faux topiaries, while the real ones will only survive under their suited conditions.

         No sunlight or water mandatory

The fake botanical items will never need sunlight or watering for its existence, while the original ones will not survive without these.

         Fertilizers and pesticides not required

Regular involvement of money is going to happen for buying fertilizers and pesticides for real plants and trees, for their existence. The faux alternative will never need any of them.

         Easy and flexible maintenance regime

The additional workforce is mandatory for taking care of original botanical items. On the contrary, you just need to dust the surface or wash them very much seldom in case of fake topiaries.

         Highly cost effective

The biggest advantage this replica of the original botanical beauties provide is that you need to buy them once and it will retain its appearance all through your life. The original ones may die or decay anytime. 
Amazing for outdoor decor 
This is definitely going to be the route I am going to take in the future, I deem myself green finger blessed but traveling and having a toddler make it nearly impossible for me to keep up with the upkeep. I have actually been eyeing this gorgeous birds of paradise plant for the living room or even my bedroom. 

Let me know what is your thoughts on artificial plants, I'd love to know if you have incorporated them into your decor.


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