3 of the best headphones for traveling you need in your life!

The best wireless headphones perfect for all your travel needs.

So I must say by now I have traveled a fairly decent amount of time, not in a "braggy" way just a I know what traveling entails and how to survive it all. I mean I recently had an awesome international trip with a baby and didn't have a melt down. The general tips are be prepared with check lists. You do not wanna be frantically packing the night before a big trip and my second tip is one which comes in handy on long layovers and if you like me and have the occasional panic attack. MUSIC! MEDITATION ! SERIES! HEADPHONES!

So you want to listen to music on a plane, or simply drown out the noise around you? The right travel headphones will allow you to achieve both of these feats. When shopping for new wireless headphones, consider a few of these options to purchase.

The Quiet-Comfort series is a great option. Over the ear design, cupped/padded for a comfortable fit, noise isolation (if listening to music), and cancellation to block out the noise around you. Costly – yes. But, well worth the investment if you travel often and desire quality, comfort, and peace of mind.

Sennheiser HD 
A German-brand delivers on quality, fit, and comfort. Like Bose, they have an over the ear fit, and are fully padded, so your ears won’t get numb or feel pain, even with hours of use. They feature noise cancellation and isolation, bass control, and high-volume levels, so you can block out noise. An over the head arc also has padding on the interior, to keep you feeling comfortable, regardless of how long you wear the headphones.

Beats Executive 
This is a third option to consider. Over the ear design, fully padded, but only noise isolation (no full noise cancellation). With this being said, you can sync with Bluetooth to answer calls, hook up with a laptop to watch a movie, or simply block out the noise around you. Comfortable, light, and fairly affordable, especially given the high prices of most Beats headphones.

For those who like to keep to themselves when traveling, rather than listen to stories from the person sitting next to them, travel headphones are a must. These are some of the top models and brands to consider, if you are looking for quality, and a pair of headphones which are built to last, so you can use them on several trips to come. 

I would love to hear your tips on either the best headphones you love to travel with 
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