This weeks recap | looking like a chipmunk for mothers day

You guys has these last  one and a half weeks has been so crazy.

I literally was so swollen like a chipmunk running up and down to the dentist on different antibiotics.
Finally hallelujah the swelling subsided and everything was sorted out this Friday. I mean the agony of toothache is just another kind of pain. But honestly one total positive is how much it has shone a light on being thankful for being healthy. Like just the simple ability to have a healthy mouth to eat and drink whatever you want.

I swear I literally started feeling like I have to be more thankful on days I feel good. Its like that was Gods message to me. Have you ever felt that way?

This was this weeks / last 2 weeks recap:

  • I tried to do a diet but totally failed. I got pretty sick I think next time I try a diet I will detox first. Because I have been pigging out this past month.
  • Matteo can stand for a few seconds. He actually let's go of anything that has helped him up and stands. Its been a very regular thing. But once distracted he falls back down.
  • I fell off the miracle morning wagon. Because of my chipmunkization. (Totally a made up word)
  • I'm planning a giveaway. If you into aromatic amazing scrubs you going to love it. Stay tuned for that.
  • I stayed in bed on meds for both my birthday and mother's day. I had such bad toothache on both days it was insane. I honestly didn't even want friends or family over I was so damn swollen. I will admit I had a little pitty party. But I have promised to treat myself for both days I missed.

Its was a pretty boring 2 weeks, not quite the way I saw it going but like they say everything happens for a reason this just made me realize I want to live more, do more and enjoy being healthy. Now your turn, what has been one major life changing realization you had this year?

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