The thought of Mother hood has fueled my goal hunting

How I went from content to goal driven. We live in a time where we can create a career out of any passion. Monday Motivation!

The idea that life gets real once you find that positive sign on your pregnancy test is real. Some people are easy going and others are natural go getter's from birth.

I have always been somewhere in the middle. Hard working and risk taking at times but also very comfortable and content. But the minute I found out I was pregnant my train of thought and determination went full mode "lets make shit happen".

I know moms who pre-pregnancy had 9-5 pm jobs and were just coasting by but are now business owners and goal driven. That's motherhood for you, its a crazy combo of love, protectiveness and determination. You got a legacy now, you got someone to be a role model to.

My list of goals have somewhat gotten smaller, but the goals have become gigantic. Does that make sense?

Trust me when I say this, once you have your eye set on a specific goal nothing can stop you. We also live in an amazing time where people are creating their dream lives from ways that didn't exist before. If you passionate about it you can create a career around it. 

There is no stopping you.

If you a mom or pregnant did your passion for success get ignited ? I'd love to know.

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