Read this when you over being single

Among my friends I seem to be the "how can I meet someone" expert. It's kind of flattering to be honest. I will admit I'm not one to live a lonely life for long after any breakup and my advice does assist in building your new brand. Because the best part of breakups is you leave knowing more about who you are. Most of the time it's about the fear that there isn't much out there, like you basically in a drought or single desert that keeps you single. That is so far from the truth. 

Understand this if someone as amazeballs as you found yourself single, there must be even more amazing people in the same boat. By the way my advice works for my fellow introverts too because I am an introvert and I refuse to apologize for it. If you a Kourtney I got you covered babe ;) 

If you curious about my seriously sage advice here are my 5 top tips:

Revamp yourself:
Before you jump down my throat, breakups breaks you up ... You find yourself lost and even a bit destroyed, let no one say it ain't so. This is where a pen and paper is required and a little digging deep. Write down 5 things you wish you did when dating the ex. I like telling my friends break it up in a mental category. What I wanted to do physically, what thing I wanted to do in my 5 year plan, who I wanted to spend more time with etc. you get the point. This is how you revamp yourself and if you want to do a little makeover do so... what makes you feel good is what matters.  Start making this list your new reality, weekly make it a goal to tick things off this list. Its the perfect time time to live a life you thrilled about. Happy people attract people

Get social
Let me be real I have not been one for meeting people on social media, but if you in my age bracket (thirrrrrtires) you know meeting your friends husbands friend is usually blaahhhh! Sorry but just saying! So social media is a new ocean with new fish. My latest advice to everyone is get on tinder!! When I was single I met some epic people on there and I mean I stayed on tinder for maximum 1 week and walked away with a new perspective on the single life. The best part for me about tinder was knowing I was not alone. But other than tinder there is Instagram ,Twitter ,facebook there is tons of ways to get social without leaving your safety net.

Avoid clubs... Here's my reason:
You can never tell if the dude is single or if the woman is available. I hear way to many stories of people who met at clubs and boom his got a gf or she dropped  off the face of earth and the worst excuse of the year I am not emotionally available after months of talking and casual hookups. 

Hit up those festivals:
This is why festivals are great, you meeting people who just wanted to chill and meet up with their friends. Plus if you make a connection there, hello the music creates an ambiance ;). The trick is to just have fun and socialize. 

Hit the gym:
The gym is a trending pick up joint. Those good vibes just get people paying attention. There is nothing more attractive than someone working on themselves. You can also always do some investigative work on whether someone is taken or single, you will be surprised how much the trainers know. 

These 5 tips are here as fun sage advice. I know being single sucks after a while but believe me use the time to work on yourself and when you ready try these tips. I will also say this whenever you having any doubts about how fabulous you are look around and see how many people enjoy and love having you in their life.



  1. I agree with all of these. If we really wanted to found love we should start with our self. Recently, I read "How to Find Your One True Love", it opens my mind on being a relationship status. The author's advice and yours are quite similar. :)

  2. absolutely right ..i am agree with you..



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