De Paris avec amour: Europe trip update part one!

~Some instagram pictures...follow my personal account @MeghanSSilva for more~

My trip has basically only begun, yet I feel like I have been here both longer and shorter, its weird to say but true. I have seen so much I went from Leuven, Ghent, Knokke-Heist, Holland, Bruges and Antwerp and now Paris in a matter of days... a week to be precise. I have taken so many pictures that Bart said "you kinda have more than enough pictures by now" haha! Never!. 

There's so much I want to talk about and tell you about but I don't know where to start... So while laying in a gorgeous hotel in Paris I thought why not share one picture from each place for now. Its so picturesque here, it would be a crime if I didn't share something. No fear though I am here for a few more weeks and my new adventure is a few days in Paris so as I have said in previous posts I highly recommend following me on Instagram for more frequent updates or Facebook as my instagram is linked to fb too.

Heading to Ghent from Leuven



Love & Light
Part two to follow soon!


  1. lovely photos... it is amazing to see YOU in photos!

  2. Sounds and definitely looks like you're having a wonderful trip, thanks for sharing the pics (loved them) :)

  3. Enjoy every minute of your trip!!!
    And take as many pics as you want so that you can share them all with us :)

    xoxo One Stiletto At a Time


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