Journal | My 1 day juice fast experience

I have been reading all about juice fasting lately and even though I love juicing I have never survived on it all day. One thing I noticed I always have these insane cravings, so I needed a way to reboot my system even just a tiny bit. Those cravings are seriously death to ones diet. Then I found out one day juice fasting can help. Hence the adventure, I decided to journal my actual one day experience. Perhaps you interested in trying it out.

What juices were on the menu?

  • I decided to start every juice with a green vege base with any green veges I just can't seem to enjoy. Broccoli, celery, kale, spinach, green peppers. 
  • Then decided to mix it up, carrot and ginger, apples, beetroot, carrots and apples.

  • I woke up and wasn't quite hungry so I took my favorite "secret" fat burning shot and had a cup of coffee (not sure if that's allowed but hey its a liquid right, no sugar though).
  • had my first juice which was the green base with apples... it went down fast like girlfriend was thirsty. 


  • Perhaps this is crazy tmi but what is a journal post if its not honest, for some reasons I needed to use the loo (number 1, don't worry) so much more than usual!!
  • had a slight headache but in all honesty it could be that I sit behind a computer all day, but I decided my body must need something so I had juice number two my carrot combo. This time around it took me longer to drink it up than with juice 1. 

Completely random thought : are fried sweet potato chips actually healthier? answer nope unless oven baked! I asked about fried google fried!!!


  • Headed out and returned to juice 3... carrots and ginger. I figure since I walked for about 25 minutes back and forth I would need a little pick me up... p.s. headache is gone.

Random info: I am currently obsessed with chocolate peanut butter, as a kid we always stocked up on it and for years I craved it. Recently I found it at PnP... YUM! However eating will have to wait for tomorrow ;).

  • The hunger kicked in I couldn't stop thinking of what dishes I could make. Or how perhaps one meal wouldn't be a bad idea, I gulped down my remainder of juice 3 and decided to stay strong.
  • My mood is seriously cranky...I just want food and to be left alone. No small talk wanted here. Checked my period tracker to see if it might be that, but nope this was hunger grumpiness.
  • Tonight will be an early one, the hunger pains subsided after juice 4 and I feel pretty happy I got through a whole day, however I want to sleep pretty early to avoid being miserable with anyone around haha. On a real note I cannot wait for breakfast tomorrow. Just being honest!


Side notes:
  • I decided to skip working out completely, I just didn't want to risk feel hungry or getting headaches.
  • The juices with apple were far better taste wise.
  • If your instagram or pinterest is filled with food images, save yourself the grief and avoid them for the day.
  • Be prepared to use the loo a lot. 
  • Even though I complained a whole lot I will be doing this again next week, because it really does feel like a detox.

 Have you tried the juice fast trend yet? if so share your experience in the comments below or better yet, if you blogged about leave a link I would love to check them out.

~Image credit: World tour stories~


  1. Interesting. I often do juice only days but tend to find myself feeling more full throughout the day then when I eat proper meals plus snacks. Carrot, lemon and beetroot are very calorie dense (although all good calories but still). The headache after such a short period shows a full proper detox would be very beneficial in your case. Doesn't have to be a juice cleanse.

    XoXo One Stiletto At a Time

  2. Fabulous dear! great juice!
    kisses from Miami,


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