What to expect here this coming week!

After nearly two weeks without internet (thanks telkom and cable thieves) I have to admit I have missed posting sooooo very much. I'm sure every blogger out there can relate, unless you planning a blog break, when your internet is down out of the blue its the most frustrating moment ever. Like ever!!!! Unfortunately the internet is still down but I just had to make a plan to get some wifi like asap!

With that said because everything around here has been all loosy goosey, I decided to let you guys know in advance what to expect in the next few days:

Monday | 8 Sept: Look forward to some Monday Motivation where I share a great analogy about why finding ones balance is so important.
Wednesday | 10 Sept: I got a hair mask recipe that has changed my hair from a overly heat styled mess to healthy glossy locks.
Friday | 12 Sept: I got a special Protein chocolate recipe that will have you feeling not so guilty about sneaking in a sweet treat every now and then.

So be sure to check back in to get all the details.

Happy Friday... have an epic one!


  1. Can't wait to see the new posts!

    H&M and Primark for Italy on lb-lc fashion blog

  2. Love this one. You have such an amazing blog.
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark


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