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There are so many people who feel suffocated in life , freedom often feels so very far away , anxiety kicks in and you begin to feel like you sinking , I've been there, I have always believed the mind is where all these things begin , we place so much pressure on ourselves and for what? where are we running too? is there a stress convention we all rushing to attend . I see you nodding your head , had a deep conversation with a mate he was telling me how his so very stressed out about every detail of life . 

People in my circle always say Megs you way to chilled , you can't be really happy or when are you going to do this and that , its simple why stress , take things one goal at a time , enjoy the moment. I have a certain life I'm working towards but I refuse to not enjoy the little things on my journey to that life. This road to inner peace has been a long journey for me, and it only came after a disaster situation that broke me down , there's one quote that sunk into my core I had heard it in Eat Pray Love but until my world got shaken up I never fully understood it

 "Ruined is the road to transformation"- Elizabeth Gilbert

But enough about me (for now) the stresses of day to day life are not worth missing out on life STRESS KILLS PEOPLE maybe you feel stress drives you ,but when you stress less , you start loving life more , and isn't that the only thing that matters? 

There's ways to de-stress:
  • Take a mental vacation , this article on Everyday Health is a great read
  • Meditation is really calming , I got my sister into it we lay on the floor and lay in silence ,we clear our minds and find a happy place where stress doesn't reside this website is a brilliant place for beginners. 
  • Learn to be alone , find your own joy , your own happiness , spend quality time with yourself ,you will begin to notice when your happiness doesn't rely fully on anyone you become at peace and happier , and your connection with others becomes better ,now i'm not say neglect your loved one , I'm saying have you time , here is a great article that deserves a read on this very topic.

What is your go to method to de-stress ? Do you feel stressed out ?

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*My advice is based only on my experience ,I am not a guru or doctor , life has been my greatest teacher


  1. A confort post!! Follow me that i'll following you an we'll became much more!!Kisses from Rome Federica

  2. I try to meditate but it's really hard for me to focus! I love yoga, though, it helps a lot. Or getting more sleep.

  3. Wonderful post, thank you for sharing :)
    Miuw @ CocoMiuw

  4. great post! i try to do something relaxing to stop myself from stressing - maybe get a massage or have a nice glass of wine. thanks for visiting my blog - following you now on G+.

    1. Thank you huni , following you too xo


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