DIY Wall Art

Here is a really fun idea of what to do with old frames ... something to spice up your walls... 

The process is pretty basic...

what you need

old frame


2way sticky tape or glue

white paper


pen or marker

  1. first step is placing white paper on the board of your frame... white was my go to color .. you can use any color.

  2.  next up you need to decide what pattern you want as an end result... using the pen & ruler (if required) draw the pattern you will be using this pattern to cut out foil shapes..

  3. start cutting the shapes

  4. Now its time to use the sticky tape / glue to the white or what ever colored paper you choose to use 

  5. and once you done you have an awesome wall art

And that's all there is to creating some interesting budget friendly wall art..

hope you enjoyed the post..

if you do end up trying this great idea ,please let me know how it goes

Much <3


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