The SECRET to fool proof light fluffy scrambled eggs

The secret to fool proof scrambled eggs

I know I'm not the only one who loves eggs. The best for me is poached eggs. I know you thinking like seriously Megs a whole post on eggs????. But something as basic as scrambled eggs can be one of those "my special scrambled eggs" recipe you make for special guests. As with anything in life if you want to be a "I can cook like a boss" lady it all starts with perfecting the basics.
Now I don't know about you but I totally strive to be the "I can be a boss on social media, I can cook like a boss, I live like a boss…." kind of lady. I needed to learn the secret of this basic dish, that will come in handy for many many years.

The secret to fool proof scrambled eggs 2
My mom has mastered scrambled eggs, the woman makes the butteriest, fluffiest, I am in a hotel scrambled eggs. You crave it when you not around. I watched her wondering what the heck the secret was. I mean mine came out okay but they were not as light as a feather. I needed to add this basic to my repertoire. Teach me your secret mom I nagged at her one morning and as awesome as she is she gave me the low down.

So what is the secret.. It's as simple as get the freshest eggs, add a little milk  or cream and beat them … beat those eggs like there is no tomorrow ! The secret is beating it for minimum of 1 minutes.

The secret to fool proof scrambled eggs 3

And there you have it, the most simplest secret to scrambled eggs but gees does it make a huge difference.

The secret to fool proof scrambled eggs 4

Now I adore you and all that… Iv just shared my new secret to fluffy eggs, now I want your secret on how you make something basic stand out.  Whether it's how you get your rice to be fool proof, how you get cauliflower mash to taste potato like… Bring on the tips;) 


  1. I rarely make scrambled eggs, but next time I do I'll keep your advice in mind!

  2. these look so good, thanks for sharing!

    danielle | avec danielle


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