2 minute caramel sauce

So today I woke up craving crepes covered in caramel sauce... (First world problems in a 3rd world country haha). But this is usually how all my experimenting begins, it starts with a serious craving!!!. So I decided to use the ingredients I had on hand and 2 ingredients later and 2 minutes later my sweet craving was satisfied.

I don't have any sugar in the new place, I also didn't have any cream or butter. But I did have something to work with and without any further ado here is my easy as ever 2 minute caramel sauce. 

Ingredients (seriously couldn't be easier)

  • Honey 
  • Evaporated milk

Method :

  • Place honey and evaporated milk in a sauce pan wait 2 seriously quick minutes and boom caramel sauce. 


  • Depending on how you like your sauce, add more honey or more milk or even less. It's all in your control. 
  • Don't leave it on for long 2 to 4 minutes is all you need. 
  • Please don't be tempted to dip your finger into the pan to taste. You will be swearing like a sailor if you try this so don't!! 

How easy was that, seriously ????? Now my caramel cravings will be sorted for like ever!
BTW happy first day of December!

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  1. delicious recipe
    going to try it
    thanks for sharing


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